Upheaval partners with Naturally Chiropractic for Proof-of-Concept implementation of the Weave enterprise blockchain technology

Naturally Chiropractic

LAKE STEVENS, WA: Upheaval LLC, innovators of patent-pending blockchain technology the Weave, today announced a strategic partnership with Chiropractic clinic Naturally Chiropractic Family Wellness Center. With the partnership, Upheaval will create a Proof-of-Concept implementation of the Weave, and demonstrate how its unique blockchain technology can secure and streamline healthcare processes for the clinic, their billing processes and reporting, and for their patients.

“We’re designing and building the Weave for a massive global scale. That begins with listening to customers who will use it every day, and clearly understanding how it will make their lives better,” said David Iseminger, Upheaval’s CEO. “With a close customer partnership during these early design and development phases, we can quickly iterate to ensure a customer-centric implementation. It enables us to be extremely agile and responsive, and to guide our customers to where they want to be – in a better place, with innovative technology that helps their businesses be more effective, and thrive.”

Part of the strategic partnership includes refining a handheld app for patients, that provides better insights to their care, in ways that are more accessible to them, and portable. “We want patients, and people, to have access and control over their medical history. When they move, their records should easily move with them.” 

“We’re excited about the partnership,” said Dr. Nicole Morin, co-owner of Naturally Chiropractic. “There’s a whole host of benefits that the Weave’s blockchain software could bring, including securing and streamlining paperwork. I spend as much as 20% of my time in administrative work, even with the software systems we currently have. That time would be better spent with patients.” Dr. Dan Morin, also co-owner, added, “Patients would really benefit from having access to the services we’ve provided, and what they can do at home to enhance their health and healing. Connecting our services with an app that patients could securely access would help the partnership between patient and provider, and the results that come from that successful partnership.” 

“We believe the Weave can deliver on the promise of blockchain for healthcare, with a solution that’s secure yet accessible, immensely scalable, and high performing,” said David Iseminger, Upheaval’s CEO. “By understanding in-the-moment patient and doctor interactions, insurance billing, government oversight, and how patients would best use our app for their records, we ensure that scalability to large offices and corporations is grounded in real customer needs, in real-life activities.” 

With the partnership, Upheaval and Naturally Chiropractic will partner to deliver a blockchain solution that integrates with their existing systems, streamlines their processes, elevates their patients’ wellness, and delivers big data analytics. As the Weave scales to other clinics, large providers, and global healthcare solutions, subscribers to the Weave will realize a better healthcare experience, for their organization and for their patients. 

About Naturally Chiropractic

Naturally Chiropractic is a family-owned wellness center located in Lake Stevens, WA. Dr. Dan Morin and Dr. Nicole Morin believe that everyone deserves to be healthy for a lifetime – why would you and your family live with anything less? Their goal is to unleash possibilities, one adjustment at a time, and have served Lake Stevens and the surrounding communities for two decades. 

Learn more about Naturally Chiropractic, visit – http://www.naturallychiropractic.net/

About Upheaval

Upheaval creates innovative software solutions, including the patent-pending Weave blockchain environment, that elevate and transform industries. With the Weave, organizations connect real-time, real-world interactions and create network effects that empower every participant. 

To learn more about Upheaval and the Weave, visit: http://theweave.io