Upheaval and RebelDot announce strategic partnership for Weave enterprise blockchain technology

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SEATTLE, WA: Upheaval LLC, innovators of patent-pending blockchain technology the Weave, today announced a strategic partnership with well-established and ISO certified software development company RebelDot, to develop, integrate, and bring to market the Weave blockchain, with global reach and scale.

As a result of this strategic partnership, healthcare and other organizations across the world can soon get subscriptions to the Weave, and in doing, integrate their existing digital systems with a robust blockchain technology that scales, protects, cures over time, and regenerates. The Weave’s unique shared-block, multiple-blockchain technology creates a holistic online environment that allows any organization with an Internet connection get a subscription. Access for individuals, including a secure mobile app to track personal health records, is free. The Weave brings the power of network effects, and in-place blockchain integrations to healthcare participants such as insurers, providers, pharmacies, drug makers, and devices.

“We believe the Weave can deliver on the promise of blockchain for healthcare, with a solution that’s secure yet accessible, immensely scalable, and high performing,” said David Iseminger, Upheaval’s CEO.

“With RebelDot’s development experience, blockchain expertise and systems integration knowledge, this partnership amplifies the offerings of each of our companies. It’s a win for our future customers.”

“The Weave has unique technical structure, especially as an enterprise blockchain,” said Tudor Ciuleanu, CEO of RebelDot. “In healthcare, the Weave will bring new life and advanced capabilities to dated systems.” About growth potential, Tudor added, “Our customers are from many industries. The Weave can create significant value beyond healthcare – real estate, manufacturing, IoT, finance, government, and others. We see the Weave quickly gaining market traction upon release, and we see RebelDot growing at scale alongside it.”

With the partnership, healthcare and other industries will finally have a blockchain solution that integrates with their existing systems, streamlines their processes, and delivers big data analytics. Subscribers will realize a better healthcare experience, for their organization and for their patients. 

About RebelDot

RebelDot is an end-to-end software development company covering all phases in the software product development lifecycle, from product strategy and tech advisory to design and development.
With over a decade of experience in building software, RebelDot helps companies and organizations in multiple industries bring innovation through technology, by adapting to the new, emerging technologies like blockchain, machine learning and AI. 

RebelDot is an Accredited Training Center with the Blockchain Training Alliance, a Microsoft Partner, and is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and ISO 27001:2018 Certified. 

Learn more about RebelDot, the European-based software development company. – www.rebeldot.com 

About Upheaval

Upheaval creates innovative software solutions, including the patent-pending Weave blockchain environment, that elevate and transform industries. With the Weave, organizations connect real-time, real-world interactions and create network effects that empower every participant. 

To learn more about Upheaval and the Weave, visit: https://www.ironweave.io/