Token Ticker Review Description
AI Opinion AIOP Check the exact X-ray scans or blood cells for possible disease.
AI Doctor AIDOC Deep learning for radiology.
Aigang AIX DAO Insurance Protocol with crowd-sourced insurance pools.
Airmedis AIM Store health data securely and anonymously, sharing it with only doctors that you trust.
Akiri Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Network for facilitating the flow of healthcare data as well as the protocol for transferring the data in real time.
ALLCARE ALCR Decentralized platform that makes company benefits accessible to all workers.
Alphacon Network ALP Healthcare big data blockchain platform.
AMCHART AMC Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Access patient and provider records with blockchain technology to eliminate health-record problems.
ARNA Genomics ARNA Early stage cancer detection based on cf-DNA analysis of blood plasma.
ARTiFACTS Allows researchers to create immutible record of research contributions using proof of existance.
Balnc Incentive driven blockchain-based health and fitness ecosystem
Beauty Chain BEC Blockchain platform dedicated to the beauty ecosystem
BitMEd BXM No-cost incentive driven healthcare on a global level.
BlocHealth Allowing healthcare professionals to easily take control of their careers.
BlockPill Using the blockchain technology, BlockPill is going to give patients an easier, smarter and safer medical experience.
BlockMedx MDX HIPAA-compliant solution for transmitting DEA controlled prescriptions.
Blupass BLU Utilizes smart contracts to facilitate instant claims, fraud prevention, and consumer control over the healthcare process.
BlueJay Mobile Health eCare Empower the global rehabilitation ecosystem by blockchain, mobile internet and AI technologies
BolttCoin BOLTT Social health gamification platform based on blockchain & cryptocurrency
Bowhead Health AHT Encrypted wellness tracker and personalized health app.
Breakthrough Health Healthcare data management platform.
BurstIQ BIQ Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo End-to-end enablement of blockchain-based health applications.
CareParrot CPX Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo The healthcare platform where patients and doctors mee
CareX CARE Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Patients can control their health records and purchase healthcare services at a reduced cost, regardless of borders.
CFS Healthcare Service B2B Marketplace for Pharmacies
Citizen Health MDT, MDX, HST, PHA Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Building a decentralized universal health collective owned & governed by the people — not corporations or governments
Clinicoin CLIN Clinicoin pays you to be healthy and connects you with the organizations who help keep you that way.
CoinHealth CoinHealth Health savings and flexible spending investments.
Coral Health Blockchain-powered solutions to accelerate care delivery, automate multiparty administrative processes and improve health outcomes.
CoinMD SmartCurrency for WealthCare
CoverUs Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Helps close financial gaps in healthcare by empowering people to earn a royalty stream from their health data.
Curaizon CuraToken Drug-adherence through big data delivered via the blockchain
Decent Affordable healthcare by aligning incentives to improve health, reduce costs, and put members at the center of their care.
DentaCoin DCN Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo First blockchain concept designed for the global dental industry. Dentacoin aims at improving dental care worldwide and making it affordable through crowd power.
Docademic MTC The only cryptocurrency that is making free basic healthcare a reality in the world.
Doctor Smart DSTT Digital healthcare and wellness services.
DxChain DX The Proof of Spacetime (PoSt) is used as the consensus protocol of storage.
DYNO DYNO Metabolism analytics device DYNOSTICS that provides feedback and does not require any medical assistance.
EarthMedz ETD Patient-led, doctor-guided cooperative for diseases.
Elephant Healthcare Connectable healthcare apps built on decentralized infrastructure.
Embleema Patient-driven healthcare blockchain network for secure sharing of medical records.
Emrify HIT Hub for electronic health records
Encrypgen DNA Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Blockchain security for protecting, sharing and re-marketing genomic data.
E-Nome NOME Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Giving patients the power to safely and securely control their EHRs while helping fuel anonymized medical research.
EpigenCare ECARE Direct-to-consumer test based on epigenetic sequencing of skin profiles matched with skincare products.
Escobarcoin ESCO Healthcare reporting and eHealth information management.
Etheal HEAL Incentivized global health platform.
Etherisc DIP Decentralized insurance protocol to collectively build insurance products.
flyCARE FCC Offers personal-care service providers a unique solution that integrates a contact platform and applications, but also, through flyBOX, all the hardware and consumables needed to run the service.
Gladage GAC Decentralized senior care ecosystem powered by the Ethereum Blockchain
GrapeVine GVINE Use of patient data is rewarded and can be used in exchange for products and services.
HealthLedger Decentralised ledger for Electronic Health Records
Health Tree Urgent Care/Immediate Care setting utilizing gamification, incentives, and data visualization.
Health Wallet Concierge medical services consolidated into one complete mobile health care experience.
Healthbase Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo
Revolutionizing medical research and healthcare.
Health Combix HCX
Combines privacy-preserving human data asset management, disease prediction markets, and decentralized payment networks to build future healthcare ecosystems, DAOs, & cooperatives.
HealthDex Enterprise health data blockchain platform and decentralized exchange.
Healthheart Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Management and security of electronic health records.
Healthureum HHEM Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Healthureum is a dynamic and multi-functional ecosystem of healthcare services based on Ethereum blockchain.
HealthyTail TAILS Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Platform for sharing cats & dogs health data between scientists, pet owners and breeders based on blockchain technology.
HearthyCo PHR Decentralized, open and sustainable ecosystem to improve health care access to everyone, regardless of income.
Helix3 HLX Blockchain + IoT platform to empower people to effortlessly store, manage + exchange health data.
HI:HEALTH HiH Medical platform based on AI for personalized diagnostics
HIT Foundation HIT Tokenized health information.
Humanscape HUM Solution to incurable diseases by curating personal health data.
IncentHealth Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Ethereum based incentive platform for healthy behavior with a focus on smoking cessation.
Integrative Care Alliance Blockchain solution to the opioid epidemic.
Intiva Health NTVA Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Career management platform built for healthcare professionals.
IRYO Network IRY Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Interoperable medical data with open EHR archetypes, allowing patients to take medical histories with them.
iSolve Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo End-to-End Supply Chain Solution securely posts information to the Blockchain to create an audit-able, traceable, and transparent record of the movement of medications between trusted partners.
iXledger IXT Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Platform for insurance utilizing blockchain technology.
KinectHub Medical record system to be provided at no cost to end users.
Lancor Scientific Early cancer diagnosis and screening using blockchain architecture to deliver patient centered care on the Lancor Scientific Platform.
LifesDNA Holistic meta search engine marketplace for healthcare, well being and lifestyle.
LindaCoin LNDA Utility & decentralized payments.
Litra LTA Decentralized healthcare with guaranteed free access to health records for patients + physicians.
LunaDNA LUNA Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo A community owned genomic and medical research platform.
LYMPO LYM Monetizing sports and healthcare data via blockhcain.
Mahra Coin MHRA Decentralized cryptocurrency on the base of medical related and blockchain technology.
MD Tokens MDTK Universal digital payment engine to power a smart, secure and efficient healthcare.
MedChart Simple & secure way to request, access & control medical records.
Medvice Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Digital professional medical counseling powered by a global neural network. Medial data protected by the Stellar blockchain network.
MedAI Network MEDAI Predictive analytics company analyzing healthcare data.
MedCredits MEDX Connecting patients and doctors worldwide on a decentralized network.
MedicoHealth MHP Anonymous, safe, and efficient communication with physicians.
MediBloc MEDX Healthcare information platform ecosystem for personal data built on blockchain technology.
MediBond MEDI Improves interaction between the biggest healthcare industrial players to help provide services more efficiently and securely to end users.
Medical Token Currency MTC Allows the interested parties to interchange valuable data between them in exchange of a token that is used to acquire services or products.
MedicalChain MTN Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Decentralized platform that enables secure, fast and transparent exchange and usage of medical data.
MediChain MCU Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo It allows patients to store their own data off chain in an appropriate geographic domain, and give access to doctors and specialists anywhere regardless of the payer network or EMR used.
Medico Health MHP Fully anonymous, safe, and efficient communication with the world’s leading physicians.
Medishares MDS First global mutual insurance marketplace on the blockchain.
MedNetwork MEDNTWRK Online platform for all stakeholders in healthcare to synergize their efforts.
MedXchange MED First blockchain-based platform for the global medical device industry.
MeFy MEFY Mefy works on a subscription-based model allowing user any number of tests throughout the year for the cost of just consumables.
MintHealth VIDA Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Proof Of Health™ on the blockchain. MintHealth is a global, decentralized health platform that aligns healthcare stakeholders around the shared goal of patient empowerment and improved clinical outcomes, at lower cost.
myBeeper Built by doctors for doctors, myBeepr is a highly customized, secure, real time team collaboration platform. myBeepr improves communication, saves hospitals money and ultimately improves patient care.
NAM Chain NAM The NAM project is a project to combine artificial intelligence (AI) and block chain technology to bring about innovation in the medical system.
Nebula Genomics Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Protocol for the genomics age.
Neuron NRN Decentralized AI platform for training neural networks
NurseCoin NRS Blockchain-enabled healthcare payments, governance, and incentive network for on-demand delivery, management, and healthiness.
NurseToken Decentralized credential & payment system.
NWP Solution NWP Health care ecosystem powered by blockchain.
Omny Maximizing collaboration and coordination of pharmaceutical products to drive care for providers and value throughout the supply chain
Opu Labs OPU Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Digital solutions provider for skincare measurement, management, and monitoring.
PakCoin PAK Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Pakcoin is a cryptocurrency focused primarily on Pakistanis.
Patientory PTOY Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Securely store and manage health information in real time.
Peer Atlas ATLAS PeerAtlas is an open-source medical encyclopedia.
PetLife PETL Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Blockchain-based telemedicine for veterinarians.
PointNurse Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Virtual care network platform for delivering direct primary care and care management services to targeted populations.
Proof Work PROOF™ helps decentralize medical health data by granting access through smart contracts using our portable management tool kit.
Quadrant Biosciences Develops and researches epigenetic diagnostic solutions and biomarker technologies.
RoboMed RBM Robomed Network creates a single point of care for patients by means of digital healthcare ecosystem.
Saaragh Labs Decentralized ledger for patient data.
SeeThru Blockchain ecosystem for healthcare price transparency, payments, & PHI
ScalaMed Revolutionizing prescription medicines with blockchain
ScriptDrop Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Rewards patients that stay on their medication with cryptocurrency that they can use toward their healthcare costs
Scriptocoin SOC Digital currency for the Crypto-Pharma ecosystem.
Simply Vital Health HLTH Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Care coordination platform for all providers regardless of clinical affiliation.
Skychain SKCH Open infrastructure, based on blockchain, which provides the possibility to create, train and use high-quality medical neural networks
SRCOIN SRCOIN World’s first massage chair with health collect function + blockchain technology.
StemCell SCC Establishment of stem cell therapy clinic focusing on diabetes.
Stash Healthcare web and mobile platform for health maintenance organisations and doctors to improve their insurance claims management.
Synthium Health SHP Synthium Health is a supply chain management platform engineered exclusively for the healthcare industry that enables providers and suppliers to exchange information and conduct eBusiness, cost-effective.
Teledactyl TDCL Blockchain platform for the healthcare industry that has the ability to store and share patient information.
Theracoin Foundation The Proof-of-Health Blockchain
Tides TIDE Distributed network of peer-to- peer insurance.
Timicoin TMC Open Blockchain network for Healthcare data, trade and availability.
Trufield TRUF Trufield platform will use low-cost mobile phone technology already available to billions of people worldwide to provide everyone free electronic medical records to improve healthcare and lives
Trusted Health TDH Patient and doctor-centrist health ecosystem in specialized medicine engineered on blockchain.
TwinToken XTW Global pharmaceutical distribution network.
Umbrella Coin NA Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Insurance benefits for hidden costs of insurance (deductibles, co-insurance, co-pays etc.).
Universal Health Coin UHX Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Healthcoin is the world’s first blockchain-enabled platform for diabetes prevention. Our mission is to allow employers, insurers and governments across the globe to give incentive and manage their population’s lifestyle change.
Updox Fully-integrated care coordination communications platform that connects various healthcare providers, including physicians, pharmacies and patients.
Viola VIOLA Personalized, AI driven matchmaker and advice giver on dating and relationships topics.
Vitae Helping physicians manage their unique identity to practice where and when needed.
VitalHub VHI Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo Develops and supports mission-critical healthcare information systems in the Mental Health (Child, Youth and Adult), Long Term Care, Community and Social Service.
Vytalyx Open-source protocol for bridging the gap between intelligence and data to foster collective and autonomous intelligence.
Well, Inc. WELL Blockchain Healthcare Review social media logo WELL is building the world’s first widely-used decentralized blockchain based marketplace for healthcare. WELL is globalizing healthcare and eliminating country borders to directly connect healthcare specialists and patients worldwide.
XenChain XENC Accelerates and strengthens ID verification by using e-KYC technology that requires facial recognition.
Zenome ZNA Zenome is decentralized Internet for genomic and health data driven by blockchain.
Zikto ISR Collects data from various tracking devices to incorporate health, safety driving, everyday activity information for customized insurance products development.