The Weave – investing in the transformation of the healthcare experience, and beyond

Long Term Vision
Long Term Vision

The Weave offers an early investment opportunity in a patent-pending enterprise blockchain platform with vast commercial appeal – scalable to multiple growth industries and government – that will resonate with consumers as well.

Investing in The Weave Enterprise Blockchain Platform for Healthcare

The Weave captures and connects real-world interactions in real-time, enabling industries such as healthcare to elevate and transform the experience for all participants – from providers to patients, hospitals to pharmacies, insurers to drug makers, and beyond. All entities in the Weave get their own blockchain, and all participants to an interaction have a shared block placed on their chain. This unique approach creates a Weave of interrelated interactions that securely scales out, mirroring social network effects, and cures over time into a robust shared information fabric.

Imagine reviewing historical medical interactions for a patient, drug or treatment, in-the-moment and in real-time, and thereby being able to make better choices that improve treatment options, avoid costly mistakes, and improve outcomes.

It’s a simple concept, with immense implications and opportunities – for the Weave, and for investors. And as described later in this article, early investor discounts for the Weave are also significant, but limited.

The Upheaval Team

The Upheaval team (Upheaval invented and builds the Weave) has experience in globally scalable enterprise software, protocols, AI, insurance industry solutions, and has experience turning patented technology into successful business models. We’re perfectly situated to capitalize on the future, because we’ve seen seismic shifts like this happen before, and watched the revolutions in commerce occur as a result. This time we’re building the revolution, with help from our advisors who have contributed to companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Groupon, DocuSign, and others that grew into technology leaders in their own right – they’ll help us do the same.

Total Addressable Market for Enterprise Blockchain Adoption in Healthcare

The total addressable market for the Weave, in healthcare alone, is immense. Global healthcare expenditures are expected to top USD $10 trillion by 2022, with an overall annual growth rate of 5.4%. The healthcare IT market alone is expected to top USD $440 billion by 2025, with the electronic health record market alone expected to approach USD $98 billion in the same timeframe – with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 50%. In addition, the Internet of Things (IoT) addressable market in healthcare alone is expected to exceed USD$530 billion by 2025, with a growth rate of 19.9% in that time frame. That’s a lot of growth, in a lot of different areas, all where the Weave can add value and streamline the experience for hospitals, doctors, patients, and all other participants.

In Deloitte’s 2019 US and Global Health Care Industry Outlook, one of its six trends included “investing in digital innovations and transformation” where it listed “digital innovations that are helping reshape the future of health care by making health care delivery more efficient and more accessible.” First on that list was blockchain, others included cloud-based computing, AI, cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS), and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT); the Weave will enable delivering on each of those innovations and more. Importantly, the Weave can do so without disrupting or replacing existing systems – the Weave can integrate with existing systems, rather than having to replace them.

Business Model

The business model for the Weave is based on a subscription service. A subscription establishes an organization’s presence in the Weave (a SaaS subscription model), then integrates their existing systems (in place, intact) to create their own protected Weave presence. Large organizations can have multiple Weave subscriptions, and work seamlessly. This is similar to other cloud-based services such as Microsoft’s Azure, Amazon’s AWS and others. With the Weave, organizations will also be able to subscribe to big data analytics services, so that business intelligence insights based on interactions in the Weave can be used to further improve decisions, service delivery, efficiencies, and even marketing programs.

Patients and individuals use the Upheaval app, our mobile app available on all major platforms, for their engagement in the Weave and to participate in the creation of shared blocks. It’s their portal into their own blockchain information, and the mechanism by which they can selectively share elements or categories of information from their chain, by simply sharing a readable code and confirming they want to share. For individuals, the app and their presence in the Weave is always free.

Subscribers, partners, and other participants who have a presence in the Weave will use the Upheaval cryptocurrency token, the UPC, to pay for subscriptions and other value transfers in the Weave. We talk more about the UPC in a few paragraphs.

An important benefit of having a presence in the Weave is the network effects that can be achieved. Organizations with a presence in the Weave will exponentially increase the value of their accessibility within the Weave environment, just as the Internet, social media, and online shopping exponentially broadened the reach of participants in those networks, too.


The Upheaval cryptocurrency, the UPC, fuels the Weave’s economic activity and is being offered in Blocks. The first Block is currently available in a private sale using SAFT agreements, with an early investor discount of 50%. The intent of such a deep discount is straightforward: early investors should benefit most, so they get the best discount. A finite amount of UPCs are available in Block 1.

Investment Window

Current Block: Block 1 – 50% discount
Current Window: Private Sale – open now
Investment: SAFT agreements, accepting BTC, ETH, FIAT

Here are details about the token offering itself:

Token Details

Symbol: UPC
Total Supply: 1,800,000,000
Token Standard: Weave
Hard Cap: 30% of all tokens
Additional details: see the Weave whitepaper

Participation in the private sale is handled through our investor site, which is accessible from our website. Our website describes the Weave in more detail, details our roadmap and our team, and has links to our whitepaper and our presentation deck. Visit our website at

All of us at Upheaval are dedicated to delivering the Weave for the healthcare industry, and beyond. Its opportunity to elevate and transform the healthcare experience – for all participants – makes it an investment with strong technological foundation, delivered by an experienced team, with seasoned advisors, on a roadmap that already has momentum.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please visit our website for more details, and use the form below to get in touch, and learn how to participate.