A client applicationA shared application layer is an abstraction layer that specifies the shared protocols and interface methods used by hosts in a communications network. is desktop computer or workstation connected to a network that is capable of obtaining information and applications from a remote server. A program that is capable of obtaining a service provided by another program.

BitcoinA Cryptocurrency address is used to receive and send transactions on the network. An address is most commonly represented as a string of alphanumeric characters and sometimes referred to as wallets. Addresses can also be represented as a scannable QR code. and Ethereum both have client applications have to download the entire history if either blockchainA private key is a string of data that shows you have access to cryptocurrency in a specific wallet. Private keys enable a user to spend from the wallet through a cryptographic signature. in order to participate in the nodeAn overlay network is a computer network that is built on top of another network. Nodes in the overlay network are connected by virtual links. network.

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