Intiva Health

Based on Swirld HashgraphBased on Swirld Hashgraph, Intiva Health is a blockchain-based platform that lets professionals hold medical credentials from all participating institutions in one place., Intiva HealthBased on Swirld Hashgraph, Intiva Health is a... Read More

Intrinsic tokens

Intrinsic tokensIntrinsic tokens are resources that have some utility etc. BTC on blockchain network. Block validation incentives also known as miner rewards. Transaction spam prevention would be an intrinsic token in a scenario where  all transactions cost some... Read More

IRYO Network

The IRYO networkThe IRYO network uses blockchain technology to make the transferal of medical data less centralized. The Iryo network instead seeks to use the blockchain to organize all of this data instead of having it in incompatible legacy systems housed by private... Read More


iSolveiSolve developed advanced digital ledger technology that provides security in drug supply chains. iSolve works to prevent counterfeit drugs from entering the supply. It further provides: secure communications between drug supply chain partners refined inventory... Read More


iXledger has created a blockchain-based platform for consumer health insurance that enables transparent buying and verifying insurance information. Read More
Blockchain Healthcare Review
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