Gem Health

Gem HealthThe Philips Blockchain Lab is part of Philips Healthcare and is dedicated to building collaborative efforts involving IT experts, healthcare professionals and blockchain developers to research blockchain solutions for problems plaguing the healthcare... Read More


GemOSDigital Bazaar Project provides solutions that work on developing open and secure payments, identity, and credentials for the World Wide Web. These solutions include their application platform Bedrock, payment processing tool P3 and credentials management tool... Read More

Gene Expression Omnibus Database

The Gene Expression Omnibus DatabaseWhen studies that have investigated the interaction of genotypes and phenotypes are concluded, the Database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP) archives and distributes the results. is public genomics data repository that supports... Read More


GenecoinGenecoin is a service to backup your DNA. Once it's sequenced, it's then upload it into the Bitcoin network. This spreads your genetic material to thousands of computers all across the globe. is a service to backup your DNA. Once it’s sequenced,... Read More
Blockchain Healthcare Review
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