Access Rights

Access RightsToken rights refers to the broad spectrum of how a token is used to facilitate a transfer of value within cryptoeconomics. Application tokens are generally specific to an application where as protocol tokens (i.e. Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.) operate on the... Read More


Akiri is a blockchain-based healthcare platform that leverages the blockchainA Blockchain computing system treats the Blockchain as a secure computation platform that can be shared among multiple vendors. to create a cloud-based, permission network of trust for... Read More

Asset-backed tokens

Asset-backed tokensAsset-backed tokens are claims on an underlying asset, from a specific issuer. are claims on an underlying asset, from a specific... Read More

Block Creation Rights

Block Creation RightsBlock Creation Rights This type of token is the most common type of token in most blockchain platforms that have a proof-of-stake system as token holders can become block validators with their chances roughly equal to the balance of tokens.... Read More


The BurstIQThe BurstIQ marketplace for health data collaboration with the assistance from artificial intelligence. Engagements in the marketplace are supported by BurtIQ’s Healthwallet, which powers PHI data governance, compliance, security and permission rules.... Read More