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Blockchain 101

10 Facts About Blockchain Technology

Both blockchain and healthcare can be complicated topics. Our mission is to fix that by educating the public consumer and industry experts with well-researched and simple-to-digest information on quality-of-life improvements enabled through blockchain technology.

A technology that is new on today’s date can turn old in just a few months. Technology evolution has taken place in a speedy manner in the last few years. But there is a technology […]

Long Term Vision

The Weave – investing in the transformation of the healthcare experience, and beyond

The Weave offers an early investment opportunity in a patent-pending enterprise blockchain platform with vast commercial appeal – scalable to multiple growth industries and government – that will resonate with consumers as well. Investing in […]

Internetofthings Computer

Security Risks in Medical IoT Devices – MEDJACK Malware Review

Beau is a Financial Policy Analyst specializing in US Cryptocurrency Regulatory Compliance with experience in strategic communications and social media strategy.

Devices on the Internet of Things are a weak point in many networks. Too often, they have outdated operating systems and poor security protection. IT administrators can’t get at their internals. Deploying insecure devices in […]