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Top 33 Cryptocurrency Described In Four Words Or Less [INFOGRAPHIC]

Both blockchain and healthcare can be complicated topics. Our mission is to fix that by educating the public consumer and industry experts with well-researched and simple-to-digest information on quality-of-life improvements enabled through blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency which is also termed as Digital or Virtual currency is considered to be a form of asset and the crypto is designed to work as an exchange medium. The Crytpocurrency uses a strong cryptography […]


IRYO Distributed Healthcare Network- zero-knowledge encryption powering medical AI & Big Data research

Co-Founder & CSO at Blockchain Healthcare Review
Brennan is a blockchain technical adviser in the healthcare sector and blockchain entrepreneur who has worked on developing proprietary concepts for both artificial intelligence and enterprise blockchain. He is a graduate of Rutgers University School of Health Professions where he earned a M.S. in biomedical informatics.

The site is offering the IRYO token, which is described as being a “gateway” cryptocurrency, possibly for those who are new to it all. Here’s a little information on IRYO, including its relevancy. IRYO […]