Robomed – Blockchain powered medical care using smart contracts

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Blockchain has become one of the most important technologies in the world for more secure communication, and the healthcare field continues to benefit. You’re seeing more and more companies delving into blockchain technology to offer better healthcare services for patients.

A standout is Robomed, a virtual medical network that offers smart contracts for patients and managed by a blockchain token. It’s an innovative system allowing better ways for patients to interact with medical facilities on sharing medical information and in paying bills. Patient-centered medical networks like this are still new to the marketplace. Yet, they’re about to snowball once Robomed proves its worth.

Take a look at how Robomed’s process works and what it means for smart contract use in healthcare.


Using the Robomed EHR

Any medical facility in the Robomed network has access to their EHR platform that allows for unified storage of medical data and health management tools. It’s a unique integration not available widely yet.

As a way to provide a single information space, it helps eliminate the old middleman concepts of standard medical networks. Patients and medical facilities have long had to endure too much bureaucracy, leading to delays in immediate communication. Plus, with standard networks, security still isn’t assured in a time when hacking occurs nearly every day.

Through the Robomed EHR, the blockchain technology they use allows for a smart contract with patients, something possible using their own token.

What Kind of Token Does Robomed Use?

Known as the RBM token, this ethereum cryptocurrency gives a lot more freedom and security in transactions between patients and medical facilities. The benefit of using a smart contract like this is it gives freedom to vote on medical service value. This helps considerably in providing quality medical care to those in other countries who perhaps can’t afford certain services.

Keep in mind that if you join Robomed, you have to agree to use the RBM token as payment to medical facilities in the network. They’re easy to use, though, and the pre-sale starts on October 25th. The ICO runs from November 1st through the 30th.

In total, they’re releasing 1,675,000,000 RBM tokens with a final release date on November 31.

All the funds received from these tokens are going to go toward developing and improving a smart ecosystem smart contract.

Using the Smart Contract in the Robomed EHR

Thanks to blockchain technology bringing more transparency to communication and transactions, it opens a lot of new possibilities through Robomed’s EHR platform.

It now offers the ability to provide a digital patient chart both parties can easily access without worry of hacking. It’s also possible to keep a transparent schedule for specialists, plus real-time monitoring of all personnel actions. Better tracking of staff salaries is possible here, proving the worth of smart contracts.

Most importantly, it opens a private network for medical staff to make smart decisions without fear of data being compromised.

Other Digital Uses for Robomed

Once you start using the Robomed platform, you’ll be able to use it for telemedicine technology, giving your patients more confidence in providing personal information. Analytics are available to see how effective medical facility advertising is.

Additionally, they offer a mobile version of the platform, as well as one for the web. Through the mobile edition, it’s possible to provide even more convenience with telemedicine consultations. It’s also easy for patients to do scheduling without having to call in on busy phone lines. All patients can control who sees their medical information, and vice versa.

As Robomed advances, we expect to see this imitated everywhere soon in the healthcare industry.