for Industry Explorers, Solution Architects, and Med-Tech Investors.


Blockchain Healthcare Review is the centerpiece of a Knowledge Organization System (KOS) designed to help consumers and innovative solutions to challenging problems in healthcare delivery find each other.

We are driven by patient-centered care that improves quality of life through disruptive adaptation of blockchain technology.


Blockchain for Consumers

We seek to personalize consumer-centrist adoption by providing editorial content for digital health adopters to make well-educated decisions on how to engage with blockchain-based solutions based on their own clinical, financial, and personal lifestyle needs.

Blockchain for Industry

For innovators, investors, and enterprise stakeholders, we offer market, and business data discovery solutions in addition to sentiment analysis and other custom services.


Use our blockchain intelligence data to analyze:

  • Who is developing similar use cases?
  • Which projects have failed?
  • Who is winning?
  • Technical and product due diligence
  • White Papers/light papers/pitch decks
  • Brand channels beyond GitHub

Business Intelligence

Health-centrist Blockchain Intelligence Data Starter Set Available HERE!

Blockchain Intelligence Data Solutions(new)

Leave the data wrangling to us so you can develop your own insights focus on asking and answering your own questions about what’s going on in blockchain, AI, and IoT specifically and exclusively in the worldwide healthcare ecosystem.

Use our data to search the world over for:

• Who is developing similar use cases you are considering?
• Who has failed?
• Who is winning?
• Technical and product due diligence
• Access white papers/light papers/pitch decks
• Discovery of Brand channels beyond typical social media such as GitHub

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