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Technology Review – Oxcyon’s CentralPoint Platform

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Blockchain technology has begun to provide major solutions to the complexity of healthcare communications. Part of this comes in digital experience platforms, or DXPs. A company called Oxcyon created a DXP called CentralPoint that uses blockchain as its infrastructure backbone. It allows companies to easily author and manage content while sharing it among staff without conflicts.

CentralPoint’s Single Sign-On System

One of the greatest aspects of CentralPoint is it allows each user to sign in and control the content they create or post. Similar to a CRM program, this takes things to a new level thanks to being a blockchain network.oxycon

What’s unique about this single sign-on system is it allows a “cross forest” authentication process to allow people into your network from numerous places. This includes those outside your company when you need to collaborate on healthcare projects with people from disparate channels. Thanks to CentralPoint integrating with popular software like SalesForce, there few, if any, conflicts during sign-ins.

Dynamic roles can also become assigned during sign-ins, giving more customized ways to control how people work and gain access to healthcare information.

Providing Personalized Digital Experiences

Healthcare organizations that deal in specific services can gain a lot using CentralPoint since it creates a harmonious platform designed for specific tasks.

Using blockchain technology, one can create a private network to work on documents, web pages, mobile content and design for separate digital experiences. This information can then be shared among staff or users easily without worrying about data thieves infiltrating the network.

Gathering Data on Each User

CentralPoint gathers staff analytics to help make smart business decisions through a private network so only designated people see it. Through CentralPoint’s rich business intelligence, gamification, and reporting, you can get a clear picture without concern about who has access.

Industries That Can Use CentralPoint

You’re already seeing this platform being used in fields beyond healthcare, including media, manufacturing, government, and non-profit organizations. In the field of healthcare, the use of blockchain already provides a secure network to share information with patients without security fears.

CentralPoint makes it all the more attractive to the healthcare field thanks to what the company deems a “scalable wheel.” It basically creates a mind map that connects to numerous sources instantly while letting allowing for expansion at will.

This feature lets creates a vast digital ecosystem connecting a user to an omnichannel universe, regardless of company size.

Proving Worth Before You Buy

CentralPoint allows for a preview the product to show its value before buying. Through their module gallery, they can build a high fidelity prototype of a desired healthcare project first to show off it capabilities.