Nonprofit Government Blockchain Association Takes Lead in Blockchain Education

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government blockchainWhenever an evolutionary change is sweeping through the culture, the responsibility of good government is to ensure the evolution benefits the society as a whole. For the government to succeed in that effort, leaders of the evolution must step forward to educate lawmakers and offer their best advice.

Enter Government Blockchain Association

Blockchain technology already is well along in creating an evolutionary (some might say revolutionary) change in the global society. And a group has stepped forward to create a vehicle for blockchain leaders to provide that necessary education and advice to governments on a global scale.

The nonprofit Government Blockchain Association announced its formation in April to serve as a platform for those inside and outside government who wish to ensure blockchain technology is used for the betterment of society.

‘Positive Leveraging of Blockchain’

GBA’s stated claim is to serve as a catalyst for creating an open and public dialogue around “creative, profitable and positive leveraging of blockchain.” As such, its membership is open to individuals and organizations who are committed to ensuring governmental regulation and integration of blockchain meets those aims.

GBA seeks to provide resources for individuals or companies that are working with governments – international, national, state or local – to help them explain how this powerful technology can be used to improve citizens’ lives. The association also will conduct and promote networking, training and educational events.

Beyond promoting and educating about blockchain technology and its potential uses, GBA also intends to promote open and just government that protects the freedom of all people. The association has created a five-point Ethics Statement revolving around the beliefs that, while viewpoints and perspectives may differ, governments must protect the rights of their citizens and use technology to improve their quality of life.

Statement 5 states the goals clearly: “GBA will only pursue goals that serve to form a more perfect union between and among governments and the citizens they serve, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense of citizen’s rights and welfare and secure the blessings of liberty in a free society.”

Blockchain Leadership on Global Scale

Gerard Dache is the driving force behind the creation of the Government Blockchain Association. With more than 20 years leading military and commercial organizations, Gerard sees the potential for blockchain technology and recognizes the need to get ahead of government regulators in focusing its power for all citizens. Gerard’s role as a consultant with government contractors around the globe gives him a unique leadership position as President of GBA.

Joining Gerard on the leadership team is Vice President Dan Callahan, who brings more than three decades of experience working to integrate technology into the operations of the U.S. federal government. Dan is the author of “Cracking The Code: The Professional Salesperson’s Guide to Penetrating the Intelligence Community.”

Consider a Membership

At its founding, GBA is offering free memberships, but this will change as the association grows and develops need for a budget. Members are welcome from all walks of business and government who wish to learn more and become a leader in your community or country in the coming blockchain evolution.


Members will have access to resources, networking opportunities, training and more. Most importantly, members will have a voice for expressing opinions about policies, regulations and implementation of blockchain technology through governments around the world. Members will receive discounts on training events and other resources, plus access to unique opportunities.

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