Moscow Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference


Recently, Russia has made technology news headlines, so Moscow’s Blockchain Conference, which kicked off November 10, fell in perfect time. Drawing crypto experts and leading industry professionals from all over, the second Moscow conference held this year was at times, “overcrowded beyond capacity” according to one reporter in attendance. Dozens of technology based representatives flocked to what has been hailed as “one of the biggest industry events in Eastern Europe”. Other news reported the Russia Bitcoin and Blockchain conference climate as “favorable” and several sources noted the impressive line up of speakers and registrants, leading to a heavy turnout despite cloudy weather.

Moscow Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference

Among those expected, Fintech sector, with IBM, QIWI, Microsoft and Sberbank, were on the list. The conference presenters covered such topics as crypto regulations, financial tools, assets, industry challenges and various current projects. This conference held particular interest in part due to Russia’s questionably shaky stance on the issues surrounding digital currency and relevant technologies. Russia, and Moscow in particular, seemingly has created the location as a recognized space among bitcoin and blockchain world leaders, standing with other front-liners heading the industry’s future efforts.

The conference, which had several renowned speakers over its course, opened November 10th with Tone Vays, a well-known blockchain proponent off of Wall Street. Bitfury’s product director was also among the opening acts, delving into the public and private relationship correlation. Overall, the event received positive, albeit scarce, feedback and contributors can expect a likely continuation of Russian influence in what’s to come. This year’s conferences lend to the establishment of Russia’s credibility within the sector and opens the door to furthering widespread participation in this highly charged area of technology based careers and services.

Event details:  TrusTech – The Event Dedicated to Trust Based Technologies

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