Linda Healthcare Infuses A.I. and Blockchain to build Crypto Health Insurance

Physician Medicine

Over the past few years, more and more people have recognized the power of the blockchain to transform industries. In the over regulated, bureaucratic healthcare market, this is especially the case. Blockchain technology and innovative companies have the ability to revolutionize this market, create tremendous value, improve patient outcomes, create new treatments and pharmaceuticals while creating incredible companies that richly reward founders and management. Linda Health is one such company that is changing the market place with the blockchain. They have created a virtual medical assistant that is changing lives.

Linda Healthcare- merging artificial intelligence and blockchain

Linda has built an interactive A.I. bot that automatically interacts with patients to ail there needs, respond to questions and advise on the best forms of treatment. The bot uses the latest medical diagnostics and research to prescribe the most favorable course of action. Best of all, the virtual medical assistant integrates the individual patient medical history into its guidance to get the best outcome for that is customized to each individual.

Blockchain Privacy

The blockchain is crucial for this effort because of the need for privacy. In order for Linda to function properly, it must access private medical records. However, traditional methods of storing these online in large databases are too vulnerable to hacking.

However, this problem is solved with the advent of the blockchain. Linda can place each health account on an individual point in the public ledger. It can access the records through a invulnerable key use the cryptography properties of the blockchain. The records will be 100% secure and only available to trusted, pre-verified users such as the Linda AI bot. This radically improves the security and privacy of medical advice.

Smart Contract

The firm has created a special contract called the Linda Token which is used to pay for the services of this AI system. Users can acquire these tokens to pay for the service and protect themselves from inflation. As the price of the AI bot rises over time, it will remain the same for the individuals who invested early on in the process. They will not have to pay the inflated rates that insurers or private individuals eventually have to pay for this ground breaking technology. Instead, the price will be $5 in constant dollars per month which is affordable for almost anybody for their long term care.

The firm is currently preparing an initial coin offering (ICO) under the symbol LNDA. They seek to raise approximately $10 million denominated in Ether. That will represent approximately 45% of the total LNDA coin base at the time of issuance. Interested persons can sign-up at the company’s site. Those investing in the ICO will get a 10% coin bonus for their efforts.


The Linda team includes some of the most prominent AI and medical researchers in the country. Arturo Devesa serves as the CEO and is currently an AI researcher at Stanford. His team also includes Julian Kates-Harbeck and Sasi Madugula who are Harvard and Stanford PhD students machine learning and medicine. The team is filled out by a number of other prominent investors, researchers and entrepreneurs at top global institutions.

The Linda virtual medical assistant is poised to become a true revolutionary force. Using the blockchain, this technology will help patients and doctors improve outcomes and reduce costs. It is only a matter of time and execution.