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IRYO Distributed Healthcare Network- zero-knowledge encryption powering medical AI & Big Data research

The site is offering the IRYO token, which is described as being a “gateway” cryptocurrency, possibly for those who are new to it all. Here’s a little information on IRYO, including its relevancy.

IRYO Distributed Healthcare Network

The IRYO network uses blockchain technology to make the transferal of medical data less centralized. The network is tackling the problem of medical data being fractured the way it is now. Essentially, under the current system, people go from one doctor to another over the years, and transferring the data about themselves from doctor to doctor can be a real mess.

The Iryo network instead seeks to use the blockchain to organize all of this data instead of having it in incompatible legacy systems housed by private organizations throughout the world. Health records of all patients will then be connected together in a uniform system. Individual patients can easily share their information with any professionals that also use this system no matter where they are in the world.

IRYO Network

Iryo Blockchain Ledger

The Iryo Ledger will allow patients to choose a specialist or particular hospital, or even someone doing research to receive a ledger list of their full or partial medical history.

It will be even possible to specify that the information will only be accessible by that particular organization or individual for a specified amount of time. Access control features will be possible to cut down on the possibility of the information being used in a way that you don’t want since there will be only so much time for this to happen.

IRYO Tokens

The main token that this tech uses is called IRYO. Researchers, hospitals, and other parties will be able to offer these tokens to patients who provide them with information. The tokens will also let individuals easily pay for medical services if they so choose. This creates a positive feedback loop.

The idea will be to eventually make it so the information has a high degree of compatibility with various medical applications running on the Iryo network. Additional objectives are to integrate Iryo with various medical records and zero-knowledge storage systems by 2019.

The ambition will be to eventually have clinics Iryo-certified as being safe and compatible with the service for those who grow to rely on it.

In order to facilitate all of this, the cryptocurrency is even offering discounts in the days leading up to the release. Once it’s up and running the network will be encrypted in such a way that anyone who manages to get access to someone’s medical data will find that this data has no value to them since they can’t read it. This is what’s meant by “zero knowledge.”