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The Weave Environment and Upheaval App

A patent-pending new enterprise blockchain platform and industry level business ecosystem environment that interconnects protects, scales, transacts, standardizes, and regenerates. The Weave can strengthen enterprise infrastructure by deploying dedicated blockchains to real-world organizational groups, business units, individuals and IoT devices.

Connect patients to their entire clinical care cycle by capturing object interactions as they occur

  • Patients have end-to-end interactions for any given healthcare experience between any healthcare provider in the Weave business ecosystem through interconnected blockchains.
  • Personalized vertical data integration between business, clinical or administrative teams as shared blocks based on the healthcare experience itself

Gain historical insight and real-time suggestions based on patterns, associations, and solution

  • By augmenting the actual clinical care cycle with secure, transparent data providence, financial and compliance audits can be proactive instead of reactive.

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