Encrypgen: Genomics Data Marketplace

EncrypGen is a blockchain-based genomics application designed to safely store and share genomic data for research and science. Consumers who have taken DNA test such as 23andMe can sell de-identified data to researchers and earn DNA tokens.

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Encrypgen Blazes New Frontier For Genetic Marketplaces

For many researchers, obtaining access to genetic data can be quite challenging. If they’re seeking to tap into a specific population set, they typically have to recruit subjects into a study, which can be long, arduous, and expensive.  Then there’s the study approval process for tissue samples, including consent from the participants.  Next, the samples…

Encrypgen: Igniting a New Future of Genetic Information Sharing

It’s estimated that over 12 million people worldwide have sought to learn more about the inner sanctum of their genetic code.  Like their ancestral history, health risks, or even their propensity for certain diseases. As a result, the storehouse of genomic data has been exponentially building over the past several years. On the heels of…

Blockchain in Genomics: Scripting the Genetic Story of Encrypgen

Today, a new movement impacting consumers and their genetic data is garnering worldwide attention. At the epicenter of this activity is Encrypgen, the world’s first genomic data marketplace.

Charting The Blockchain of DNA

David Koepsell has been examining the future of genomic data for nearly a decade. An academic philosopher, entrepreneur, and retired attorney, Koepsell keeps his fingers in the world of science, technology, ethics, and public policy. He is also the author of Who Owns You, now in its second edition, a widely acclaimed look at the…

Encrypgen: The Gene-Chain Project

Security Issues Genomic Data Over the last few years, the scientific world saw an exponential growth in the type and volume of available genomic data. Genomic data refer to information with respect to an organism’s complete set of genes, or what we call genomic DNA. Technology kept up with the capture, processing, storage, and analysis…

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