HealthyTail- Improving Animal Healthcare Using Blockchain

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HealthyTail is a project built around TAILS tokens. It concerns itself primarily with the pet data economy.

TAILS Overview -Animal Healthcare Using Blockchain

The idea behind HealthyTail and its TAILS tokens here are to grow the community in order to gather data about pets. Pure breeds are particularly susceptible to this problem given that inbreeding creates a buildup of harmful mutations. In other words, the same process that creates breeds that are so wildly different from each other in the first place also leads to unique medical conditions. This is exactly the issue that the TAILS coin seeks to help counter.

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The Problem the TAILS Seeks to Solve

One the main problems that HealthyTail and the TAILS tokens are trying to solve involve pure breed cats and dogs. There are a number of problems that these pure breeds have which are specific to the breed. The problem is that there are so many pure breeds out there these days that there’s a lack of data about what problems they might have relative to the sheer number of dogs affected.

Many people are looking for more lab research and data related to genetics that can help investigate these problems. The HealthyTail team is trying to connect all interested parties together via the coin. This includes labs, the breeders themselves, vets, those who own the pure breeds as pets, those seeking to win competitions and everyone else by using the blockchain.

HealthyTail also has plans on expanding to the equine industry. “HealthyTail platform is fully applicable to equines. We have already received several requests on that. We are going to get into equine genetics and health right after cats and dogs. We are considering the possibility of changing priorities if we have relevant partners and/or investors” says Natalia Nifantova, CMO of HealthyTail.

How the TAILS Token Works

You can gain TAILS tokens by entering information into the database. On the flip side, if the goal is to take information out of the database such as gaining information about an animal breed, then you would pay TAILS into the database instead. This is how the project seeks to gain stability and eventually grow. As it gains notoriety, the idea is that more and more people will be interested in drawing from the database, so the token will naturally grow.

Overall Analysis

The coin is certainly backed by a unique concept, so competition isn’t likely to impede short. Transparency is a strong suit with the project as it appears to be fairly upfront about a lot of their approaches including how they spend their money, which is nearly half on data as well as a hefty chunk on designing and registering new drugs. Eventually they want these numbers to go up so that there’s more than a quarter spent on drugs after 5 years. The goal of the project is also to have there be economic efficiency In just two years. In terms of the TAILS coin itself, the goal is to put over three-quarters into the ICO.

Overall, it’s an ambitious project that seeks to draw those interested in a more risky endeavor with a lot of room to grow. Obviously, when it comes to investing, the idea is that you should mitigate risk by investing in properties of various different levels of risk, so this could be more of a stretch risk option.