Attestation Ledger

An Attestation Ledger is a distributed ledger providing a durable record of agreements. It can also be expanded to include commitments or statements in so far that it provides evidence that these agreements, commitments or statements…


Bioinformatics refers to the use of a wide variety of computational tools that work to expand the research and application capabilities of biological, medical, behavioral or health data. The functionalities of these computational tools include acquisition,…


A biomarker may also be called molecular marker or a signature molecule. Primarily, biomarkers are used to see how well the body responds treatment.

Biomedical Data

Biomedical data excludes psychological, environmental, and social influences and only refers to biological factors.

Biomedical Informatics

Biomedical informatics is a scientific interdisciplinary field that works to optimize the effective uses of biomedical data, information, and knowledge in order to decision making more efficient.


  • Chain of custody A chain of custody refers to documentation or paper trail, in order of time, which…