Biomedical Data

Biomedical Data

Biomedical data is information related to (or perceived as such) human health. In general, such information is supported by reputable biomedical sources such as review articles, high-quality medical textbooks, and professional reference books. Biomedical research information on clinical trials and other types of biomedical research is covered in the above entries so that conclusions can be drawn.

There is a disagreement between most definitions and their categories when forming a definition of computer science based on data, information, and knowledge, but the emphasis is on data and information and knowledge as key sources of study in computer science.

Biomedical informatics is the science of information applied to the study of the context of biomedicine. Data, information, and knowledge are the keys to computer science and their definition is a good starting point for an operational definition of computer science. By making use of information philosophy, we define computer science as the “science of information,” in which information and data have meaning.

Defining the object of study as computer data means distinguishing computer science from related subjects like computer science, statistics, and biomedicine, which are different subjects of study. Many are irritated that the term “science” depends on data, even though many of the activities listed above sound more like technology (problem-solving) than science (discovery of new knowledge).

At the same time, the demands on handling volumes of detailed data and the increasing complexity of statistical and computational modeling have increased the potential to draw erroneous conclusions because no distinction is made between associations, creating enormous challenges in study design, scientific data analysis, and interpretation. Practitioners in the allied field of computer science are quick to point out that most, if not all, data sciences fall within the scope of computer science. The field has existed in many forms for several decades: Medical Informatics, Clinical Informatics (Health Informatics), Bioinformatics and Biomedical Informatics variants refer to the development of methods for the analysis of data and information in knowledge areas of biology and medicine.