AMCHART, which stands for Association for Medical Data Management and Clinical Enterprise, is an EMR-focused software application that aims to revolutionize the way medical data is shared across multiple health care settings. By streamlining the process of collecting, securely storing, and accessing health information, AMCHART will enable providers and hospitals to collaborate and improve the quality of care. The application also serves as a companion to EHR platforms such as Electronic Health Record (EHR), allowing them to exchange data more easily. By migrating the information previously stored in manual systems onto the AMCHART database, the potential for improved collaboration between various entities is greatly enhanced.

The key benefits to using the AMCHART protocol are a more streamlined patient portal, enhanced patient privacy, and improved billing. According to estimates, the adoption rate of EHR systems has been on the rise, with many users citing privacy concerns as the number one reason for choosing this route over e-patients. By storing the patient’s data in a secure online location, AMCHART allows providers to quickly retrieve it when they need to. The improved billings associated with this system also contribute to the overall efficiency of a healthcare organization, as clients can conveniently make their payments online rather than over the phone or through other means.

Because there is no direct connection to an AMCHART server, cloud computing makes it a very viable product for several different healthcare operators. In addition to being easy to integrate into existing cloud applications, AMCHART can be directly accessed from any smartphone, laptop, or tablet. AMCHART already provides the tools necessary to integrate it with other wellness programs including VITA, Epic Pass, and Medicare Part D, and therefore provides providers with a cost-effective way to implement this into their workflow. Since cloud applications are typically more affordable than traditional software solutions, the potential for revenue generated through AMCHART sales should be easily recouped within a short period of time.

By using this particular transaction platform, healthcare operators have the ability to gain access to their patient’s medical records from any location at any time, and all without the risk of patient privacy. Additionally, AMCHART reduces operational costs by lowering the need for extra staff members to manage the transactions between payers and payees. Because AMCHART is compatible with most smartphone operating systems, a provider does not need to spend additional funds on purchasing separate software applications anymore. Add to that the fact that AMCHART offers real-time transaction processing and the ease of connecting a health care provider’s database to an AMCHART-enabled software solution and it becomes clear that AMCHART is definitely a viable product for several different healthcare operators.

One of the many benefits of using an AMCHART-enabled smartphone or tablet for healthcare operation is its portability factor. Because an AMCHART system can be quickly and easily integrated into a business workflow, patients can experience a high level of portability. No longer is a patient required to travel to the office in order to consult with a physician, as they can consult from wherever they are thanks to the power of blockchain technology. In addition to portability, AMCHART offers greater efficiency through its ability to deliver electronic health records directly to a payer’s computer, rather than having to upload them into a traditional filing cabinet or personal digital assistant (PDA). This eliminates the need to pay for costly software upgrades, as well as duplication of effort when it comes to physically store patient records.

The potential for new business opportunities and enhanced profitability are also two major reasons why AMCHART has become so popular among health care providers. The portability of AMCHART makes it very easy for a doctor to conveniently move his or her practice from one location to another. The ease at which AMCHART can be integrated into a business workflow also allows for doctors to take advantage of new technologies that may otherwise have been too expensive to invest in. Moreover, with the ability to purchase and manage AMCHART smart contracts through the purchase of AMCHART tokens, AMCHART gives healthcare providers the ability to tap the value of their own medical data. For these reasons, the future for healthcare IT experts looks strong with AMCHART and other cloud-based Electronic Health Record systems.