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Our clients are better prepared to leverage blockchain and AI with quicker, more intuitive strategy methods than their competition. 

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Market Intelligence

Prepare your product, service or tech solution for a profitable and compliant new market entry with our customized market entry guide. 

Product Development

Design, build and deploy your solution with with our health informatics team. Achieve ROI through greater efficiency and automation. See capabilities...

Enterprise Blockchain Platforms

Discover what healthcare use cases best suite your platform and acquire targeted enterprise license leads. See more...

Startups, SMBs, Healthcare Technology Providers

For business developing and bringing it to market  their own B2C or B2B  blockchain solution.

Growth Hacking

Analyzing data and presenting actionable information to make informed business decisions.

Crypto Investors + VC's

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Capitalize on vetted opportunities with industry analysis on practical solutions with realistic adoption potential.

Research as a Service

Evaluate a specific investment opportunity, token or market segment within healthcare.

Market Intelligence

We will seek out, vet and nurture viable opportunities personalized to your profile.


 Discover solutions that can improve your quality of life.


Blockchain 101

Learn more. Do more. Videos, infographics and more!

Token Tracker

Listing of health IT crypto-tokens  and their respective applications.

Event Listings

Blockchain, HealthIT and AI events from around the world.

Digital Health Adopters:

Those inclined to take control of your healthcare, including telemedicine, wearables and online reviews of providers.

Investor Research Services



Consumers > Innovators > Investors > Enterprise

Consumers > Innovators > Investors > Enterprise

Consumers > Innovators > Investors > Enterprise

Consumers > Innovators > Investors > Enterprise

You've built your solution. Hooray! Now what? Market your solution to our community of business and consumer blockchain adopters.