EpigenCare, now Skintelli- blockchain-based skincare platform using Next Gen Sequencing


EpigenCare is a blockchain-based personalized skincare platform with its own direct-to-consumer personal epigenomics test called SKINTELLI. The platform combines epigenetic testing with ingredient-based algorithms to screen for brands that are best suited for skincare tailored to your DNA.

The idea is part of a coming revolution in medicine commonly known as personalized medicine. The theme behind this is that there’s only so much you can learn about helping people on an individual basis using generic, one-size-fits-all-products. Instead, learning about individuals in order to help them on a one to one basis is starting to look like where the future is going.

You will never be able to help someone medically, whether its related to their skin or anything else with a generic product quite the way you can when the product is based on their particular genetic footprint, and this is the sort of idea that EpigenCare is focusing in on.

How the Skintelli- blockchain-based skincare platform works

SKINTELLI is a first and foremost non-invasive. Simply put, it’s an at-home skincare test for samples that then processed via laboratory-based next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology. 

The test disseminates activation of multiple genes, or lack thereof, which are directly associated with the control over skin aging, healthiness, and appearance a.k.a. beauty. The results? According to Epigencare,

…precision results which include information on your skin’s age, firmness and elasticity, moisture, DNA damage and repairability, cell renewal and regeneration capacity, oxidation/antioxidant capacity, sensitivity and inflammatory response, and pigmentation.

Source: Epigencare.com

Blockchain for identify management

Blockchain is leveraged to ensure ID security and data accuracy, providing “evidence-based reassurance” that privacy is secured. In short, each test is hashed once received, meaning any respondent can verify usage of personal data. Immutable ID verification provided by blockchain infrastructure enables the platform to match data garnered from SKINTELLI tests to commercial products.

Source: epigencare.com

Skincare precision health market

There’s no doubt that there’s a huge amount of interest in skincare. Blockchain provides an ideal opportunity to personalize not only analysis but also treatment by allowing A.I. to process large sets of population health data in consumer-centrist, privacy first methods whilst still enabling complex trend analysis. Skincare is one of those things that is a huge interest for women wanting to look their best, but it’s also of significant interest to just about anyone.

After all, there are few situations where your appearance doesn’t factor into the equation in any way at all. Just about anyone can benefit from skincare for this reason. And even beyond just basic appearance options, your skin is the body’s largest organ, meaning skin health tends to have a significant effect on other aspects of health. Genetic skin conditions need specific help as a matter of course, but skincare is also very much affected by your physical surroundings and mental wellbeing. Insight from blockchain-based skincare research cuts right to the chase with NGS, clearly demonstrating how blockchain technology can further the reach of how scientific methods can be tested en mass without sacrificing validity or security.

EpigenCare recently won Johnson and Johnson’s Innovation Quickfire Challenge (JLABS) for digital beauty.


William Lee – CEO

Adam Weiwei Li – CSO

Jessica Li – CFO

Ashley Pottash – Business Strategy Lead

Stephen Fiser – Development Lead

Advisory Team

Richard Wildnauer, PH.D. – CEO at NeoStrata (Business)

James Wang, M.D. (Dermatology)

Brennan Bennett (Blockchain)

Rebecca Fry, PH.D. (Epigenetics)

Tim Bukher (Legal)

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