Diabetes Management: Solve.Care and the Power of Partnership


Michael Scott Industry


Global healthcare platform Solve.Care, which utilizes blockchain technology for the administration, coordination, and payment of healthcare benefits, recently announced a collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc., to launch a patient-centric care network on the Solve.Care platform.

Known as the Diabetes Care Administration Network, this collaborative effort aims to improve the well-being of patients with diabetes and those who may be at an increased risk for cardiovascular disease.

Despite promising medical advancements, heart disease remains the number one cause of death for people who have diabetes. This has led to an urgent need for fundamental changes in healthcare providers’ care delivery to people with type 2 diabetes.

The Diabetes Care Administration Network endeavors to boost awareness around this diabetes and heart disease link and fuel dialogue between patients and providers to address diabetes and associated cardiovascular complications proactively.

Care.Wallets, a proprietary tool created by Solve.Care will be used to support patients managing these dangerous and debilitating chronic conditions, helping them optimize and coordinate care with their families and health providers.

Pradeep Goel, C.E.O. of Solve.Care had this to say about the collaboration:  

“The Diabetes Care Administration Network will help bridge a knowledge gap by providing a platform that offers vital information on diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in an easily accessible manner. This is invaluable in the healthcare ecosystem as it allows patients to understand their disease better while also coordinating their care needs.”

A Groundbreaking Diabetes Care Approach

The Diabetes Care Administration Network, which is expected to go live on or before year-end 2019, will be initially accessible to more than 25,000 patients via the Arizona Care Network (A.C.N.), a leading accountable care organization in the U.S. and a current client of Solve.Care.

A.C.N. will deliver concierge care management and support care coordinators to achieve better healthcare outcomes for participating patients. Based on the outcomes of this initial effort, opportunities for expansion throughout the U.S. and globally will be assessed.

Says Goel:

“Solve.Care is delighted to announce the introduction of this groundbreaking network onto our platform, which will help address one of the most debilitating diseases afflicting millions of men and women worldwide. Boehringer Ingelheim is a global leader in innovative solutions that bring more health to patients. We are honored by their trust and multi-year commitment to launching one of the most innovative patient-centric networks globally.”

Graham Goodrich, vice president, Cardiometabolic Marketing, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc., had this to add:

“We are proud to join Solve.Care and the Arizona Care Network provide patients and providers with additional solutions to help address diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Recent changes to diabetes treatment recommendations have prioritized managing cardiovascular risk. This program will help ensure both patients and providers proactively address life-threatening cardiovascular complications associated with this chronic condition.”

A critical element of the platform and the Diabetes Care Administration Network is the ability of family members to participate in the coordination of care for their loved ones. By employing this model, it’s not just the patient but the community around and chosen by the patient that is engaging and empowered to make important choices in how and when care is coordinated and provided.

Solve.Care Partnerships and the Path Forward

He asked for his thoughts on the broader significance of Solve.Care’s recent partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Goel had this to say:

“Our partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim is a significant milestone for diabetes patients in managing their medical care. We are ultimately facilitating a network which will provide all the necessary information and access to healthcare providers so patients can be proactive in managing their condition and alleviating the risks of developing cardiovascular disease.”

Goel highlights the importance of Care.Wallet is a proprietary tool designed to leverage the blockchain-powered Solve.Care platform. The platform connects and coordinates information between consumers, care providers, labs, pharmacies, employers, and plan administrators. It also gives the wallet holder ease of usage for administrative, clinical, and financial tasks.

Says Goel: The Care.Wallet removes the dependency on centralized systems as all stakeholders involved in coordinating a patient’s care are connected to the same network, redefining the relationship between patients, doctors, and insurers. This means doctors and families are aligned in delivering better quality care for the patient.

He believes that partnerships are like the collaboration between Solve.Care and Boehringer Ingelheim demonstrate that the most established healthcare players are aggressively exploring the application of blockchain in the health sector to improve efficiency and convenience.

He concludes: These partnerships identify and fulfill real healthcare needs for patients, doctors, governments, insurers, and other entities in the healthcare ecosystem. These alliances also signify that blockchain is ready for further development and deployment in the healthcare industry.”