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Leave the data wrangling to us so you can develop your own insights and focus on what’s going on in blockchain, AI, and IoT specifically and exclusively in the worldwide healthcare ecosystem.

Blockchain Healthcare Review now offers a dependable source of truth that allows Data Scientists and stakeholders to develop insights on solutions around the demands of consumers, relative to advancements in their space. 

Data & Research

Our structured data is curated from our exhaustive research across MedTech, InsureTech, Cannabis/CBD, AgriTech, and Veterinarian (pets need love too!)

Solutions built on enterprise blockchain platforms that can be more difficult to discover one of the great barriers to entry for blockchain adoption will always be the availability of trustworthy intelligence to guide both personal and business decisions as it relates to healthcare delivery.

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"Data Scientists spend an average of 79% of their time collecting, cleaning, and organizing data sets."

Product Mission and Direction

We have set out to be the most reputable, innovative, and sought-after source of truth for intelligent blockchain industry data specific to healthcare delivery and tertiary channels.

One of the guiding principles to qualified entries for this list is, a company must have embedded in their initiative’s mission a theme of improving quality of life. It must do so through means such as sustainability, digital transformation, digital communities, or technical reform by either creating something new or enhancing the status quo within a broader business ecosystem.



Our data does demonstrate innovation can come in many, many different forms. This is reflected by the immense variety of business logic in the initiatives we track that leverage any number of blockchain protocols & tech stacks.

We document companies and initiatives that have closed as well. We make an effort to discover and validate as much company, product, technical, and media data as possible, regardless of operational status.

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