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Content Marketing Strategy

Leverage our publishing platform as part of your content marketing strategy and get access to targeted outreach across a partner network of 400+ leading healthcare publishers using content, video, or audio such as podcasts. Curate marketing qualified leads directly from a blockchain-focused global community of digital health adopters. technology stakeholders and executive leadership.

Content Creation Services

We create expert content on how to apply emerging technology to complex industry and consumer pain points. Regardless if just need a helping hand or desire to be hands off, we have you covered. Let us handle everything, including posting and channel promotion with our complete managed service. Starting from $99/mo

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Community Management

We handle posting, scheduling, answering questions, driving engagement, and more across any social media channel. This can also include up to and including 24/7 coverage (or any chunk of hourly time in between) with a talented team of individuals who have a thorough understanding of your project and your customers. With a heavy focus on Twitter, Reddit, and Medium, we do the heavy lifting through channels where the blockchain community thrives.  A day in the life of our community managers:

  • Fight spam, scams, and negativity / FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) by deleting messages and banning users.
  • Engage and grow communities by through industry relevant, product-centrist discussions 
  • Group and nurture community members relevant to potential business development opportunities
  • Heavy focus on Telegram and Discord
  • Leverage chat statistics to increase personalization

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