Clinicall: Empower everyone with easy access to healthcare-related services

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Doctor Playing Smartphone. Medical Doctor in Blue Medical Glove Browsing Data on His Mobile Phone Using Medical Mobile Applications.

Digital transformation continues to impact all sectors of business, from healthcare to retail shopping, changing how we store money, how we shop, and how we carry our digital ID’s. One new company, Clinicall, is looking to change the way healthcare works by using blockchain tech to create a new kind of consumer-funded a la carte healthcare.

Overview of Clinicall Healthcare Services

The Clinicall mobile app and in-room terminals give patients easy access to entertainment and to medical data anywhere in the world. For over a decade, this company has specialized in providing users with custom healthcare options via in-room terminals and their mobile app. In early 2019, Clinicall tentatively introduced CHT (Clinicall Health Tokens) as an ICO to verify consumer interest. 

Prior to introducing token-based payment options, Clinicall had been around for about a decade, slowly establishing a global presence via its healthcare-related equipment and services. In 2008, the company installed its first infotainment terminals in a hospital in Germany. By 2010, Clinicall established similar programs in countries throughout the world. In 2012, Clinical partnered with Microsoft to create a mobile app that patients can access worldwide.


When expanding their services to a global market, Clinicall soon encountered problems on two levels. First, how could patients access their services from anywhere? Second, how would they continue to keep up with digitization and cutting technologies while funding their growth in a way independent of  local governments and local infrastructure? They found one possible answer in the form of blockchain technology.

Clinicall uses blockchain technology to secure its proprietary Clinicall Health Token (CHT), with each CHT worth the equivalent of one USD (US Dollar). Prospective clients from around the world purchase tokens which then become their property. By creating unique tokens and assigning these tokens to owners with the power to sell, transfer, and use these tokens at will, blockchain technology enables Clinicall to hold a currency independent of international boundaries. CHT in turn gives patients the flexibility to watch television, surf the web, and pull up their secure medical data anywhere in the world, all through one secure app.

Target Market

Clinicall’s target market includes consumers and businesses looking for an innovative way to pay for healthcare-related services. Their innovative approach focuses especially on the digital savvy consumer and on healthcare-related businesses looking to appeal to that market by buying CHT Tokens on their behalf. This technology and present-day investments look ahead to a time when healthcare will become increasingly digitized, from online access to services and medical personnel to the ways in which patients expect to pay for services.

Note that CHT tokens are neither an investment in the company itself nor a kind of health insurance. They are simply a guarantee that the holder will be able to use the currency to pay for services in the future. Those who purchase CHT can then choose to hold, transfer or use their tokens as needed subject to local laws related to healthcare and cryptocurrency. Current corporate partners include hospitals and clinic groups such as Hill-Rom in Saudi Arabia and Lungenklinik in Germany. Both organizations praise Clinicall’s forward-thinking approach to healthcare.

Because of specific laws related to healthcare funding and healthcare investments in certain countries, citizens of these countries cannot purchase, own, or use tokens pending further legal developments in those nations. Prohibited countries include China and the United States, among others. If you are a resident (including residents living abroad) of one these countries, you may not be able to purchase CHT – unless the rules change. However, foreign nationals living in these countries may have a special interest in purchasing coins for their use while travelling abroad.