Bowhead Health Business Review: Groundbreaking Solution Paves Way for Health Data Control

Woman accessing a digital health tracking app on her smartphone and smartwatch - a concept of Bowhead Health applications.

Many crypto projects have the principle of allowing individuals to gain control over their data. Corporations like Google and Facebook, which collect vast volumes of data on individuals and then commercialize that data for a large profit, are frequently presented as examples of how centralization pulls power away from the person. One of the most rousing characteristics of the blockchain is that it allows individuals to reclaim control of their data and profit directly from its commercialization, rather than having the profits go to a giant multinational. The Bowhead Health initiative approaches medical data in the same way.

There are numerous components to this business. However, the crux of the blockchain concept is enabling health consumers to manage their medical data and choose whether or not to share it. Bowhead aims to create a framework for those who want to share their health data and receive rewards for it.

The Bowhead Health Advantage

As patients and health providers adopt digital health tools, security, confidentiality, and transparency are essential. Also, individuals react differently to different supplements impressing the need for researchers to employ vast amounts of data from an extensive research base. Bowhead seeks to make it easier for healthcare researchers and scientists to engage with patients ethically and share health information securely. 

Bowhead develops secure applications that give healthcare consumers control over their health information. They collaborate with some of the world’s most prestigious life science firms to develop ethical research programs based on real-world evidence.

Use Cases

Health and Wellness Apps

Bowhead Health acknowledges that the next generation of digital health consumers won’t be engaged with survey apps and habit trackers. The Bowhead Health blockchain ecosystem allows for the development and launching of decentralized clinical trials and real-world studies.

Bowhead Health’s team developed Better to assist patients, clinicians, as well as caregivers in pooling health data and ensuring the control and ownership of the consumer. Another health app, Buoyant, guides you through virtual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Psychologists use this to help users learn new skills for a better life. 

With Buoyant, consumers can keep track of their emotions, sensations, as well as moods. Users are able to build up better behaviors and sleep better. Additionally, completing parts earns consumers bonuses and incentives and allows users to contact mental health professionals in their neighborhood. Gaming applications including Betterquest and iSea monsters are also available.

Decentralized Research Tools

Research tools hosted on the Bowhead Health blockchain ecosystem allow researchers to launch studies in 90 days and track de-identified data from worldwide participants in real-time. Some of the tools include:

  • E-consent platform
  • Blockchain power data-sharing infrastructure
  • Patient app for remote monitoring
  • HIPPA and GDPR Compliant Data sharing
  • IRB ethics support
  • Participant payment through smart contracts

Data Futures Lab

The Data Futures Lab is a testing ground for novel responses to data management concerns. It provides a framework for collaboration, a venue to convene around new ideas, as well as a space to discuss data stewardship initiatives that give people more power and agency. 

Functional Aspects of Bowhead Health 

Bowhead Master Node

Bowhead Master Nodes are blockchain nodes that have been granted authority by the Bowhead Network Manager. To ensure the security and anonymity of consumer data, only Nodes assigned to the Key Management Module will be eligible to participate and decrypt data inside the Permissioned Blockchain. Nodes are modular in design and allow for customization with a range of functions. These nodes also use a Byzantine fail-safe protocol in some way.

Bowhead Blockchain network’s permissioned side maintains the consensus. Sensitive data must be encrypted or anonymized before leaving the permissioned network. Data is decrypted as needed to aggregate and analyze anonymized data, and the researcher’s public key encrypts the resultant summary. MasterNodes can vote for a “leader” who will undertake a single, off-chain action.

Woman accessing a digital health tracking app on her smartphone and smartwatch - a concept of Bowhead Health applications.

Storage Node

As the name implies, storage nodes relate to Bowhead MasterNodes. They serve as the primary store for vast amounts of encrypted health records and data. They also allow users to have more control over their data by preserving only the information required by Health Record Registry Contracts and erasing anything else. 

Health Record Registry Contract

This is a registry contract that runs on the Bowhead permissioned blockchain. It stores and controls all consumers’ health records and data. This serves as a linkage or hub for communication with other contracts on the blockchain network.

Access is controlled by storing encrypted and categorized hashes of all records. The registry can point to a newer version of the health record, and if older versions haven’t been expired, it references and archives them. The registry can also erase all personal data in response to a user’s request.

Researcher Registry Contract

This contract on the permissioned Bowhead blockchain saves and makes researcher identification available to other permissioned Bowhead blockchain contracts.

Bowhead Health App

Bowhead Health is a secure wellness tracker as well as a personalized health application for consumers who want to be in charge of their health data and outcomes. The app features a wellness tracker with encryption and personalized assistance. Consumers also receive rewards in the form of Bowhead’s Anonymized Health Token (AHT) and can take pleasure in their good health.

Most users use this as their primary method of interacting with the Bowhead Blockchain. It is responsible for the final encryption of data collected from consumers and the Bowhead Testing/Dispensing Hardware Device. The mobile app acts as an AHT wallet on one or more blockchains and includes health records management and key management capabilities. The app assists in distributing vitamins as prescribed and factors in individual viewpoints for each of the consumers.

Simple healthy behaviors such as water consumption, energy, sleep, as well as digestion can be tracked. Integrating lab diagnostics and launching relationships with industry partners will be added in the future. Health consumers may also design their own reminders and notifications to keep them accountable using the secure and straightforward Bowhead health app.

Bowhead Health specializes in consumer onboarding, e-consent to participate in research and data sharing (through smart contracts), security (encryption during transit and storage), and data analytics.


Bowhead Health incentivizes the sharing of anonymous health data through Anonymous Health Tokens. Bowhead’s Anonymized Health Token (AHT) allows health consumers (those sharing their health information) to get 70% of research fees, while token holders or purchasers receive 30%. Research fees will be reimbursed quarterly at first, but smart contracts will allow instant remuneration in the future. 

The health consumers will collect the research fees through the Bowhead wallet through ETC, ETH, as well as AHT. Holders of more than 50,000 AHT will have the capability of hosting a Medstack-supported HIPAA compliant node and will receive rewards for contributing to the Bowhead ecosystem.


We’ve reached a point where large-scale healthcare providers, technology corporations, and drug manufacturers are battling for control of patients’ data in a centralized framework for their own advantage. Naturally, this decreases patient data portability while entrenching and solidifying the monopolies’ grasp of patient data. Bowhead Health proposes a patient-controlled, decentralized, and Blockchain-based health database that provides advanced portability, enhanced security, and personal benefits.

As Bowhead Health contends, blockchain systems will transform the way people manage their digital health. With privacy at the frontline of people’s digital lives now more than ever, blockchain delivers the keys to constructive change.

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