BlockCon Conference Review: Singapore 2017


Blockcon Singapore 2017The first global Blockchain (BlockCon 2017) event takes place in Singapore on March 28 & 29 at Marina Bay Sands. Blockchains are public networks where transactions are recorded and accessible to all parties for verification purposes. The possibilities for use across an array of business applications are endless. These conferences are an effort to link some of the various parts of industry where Blockchains can be immediately useful. Also, speakers take the opportunity to educate groups on the direction of the technology.

BlockCon Singapore 2017

The event will feature live demonstrations and lectures on real applications for industries. Fintech was one of the first sectors to embrace new methods for international buying and selling through Blockchain innovations. Growing enthusiasm for the technology has forced other industries to consider the potential. BlockCon Conference 2017 will see representatives from healthcare and finance to entrepreneurs and coders.

The event expects to have over 60 speakers and 70 sponsors. Various startup tech companies and individual entrepreneurs submitted working papers and opened up registration for new concept proposals. One unique element of BlockCon 2017 is the ‘proof of concept’ portion that allows companies to share their tested ideas.

Some of the highlighted items for the event will focus on authentication, fraud, smart contracts, self-executing contracts, and identity. Some of the attendees will focus on the regulation side of things since compliance is always a cost issue for anyone interested in putting in new programs.

Over 1,000 global innovators from various backgrounds and schools of thought will share diverse ideas from the growing universe of Blockchain technology. Make plans to attend. 

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