Blockchain Technology Review: Citizen Health Providing People a Voice!

world citizen

Citizen Health is the new blockchain company on the block that desires to build a digital healthcare ecosystem, globally uniting the citizens of the world. Powered by Ethereum and Medit Token.

Practicing preventative medicine

citizen health

Rather than following our current reactive model, Citizen Health’s mission is to create:

“An open health economy of the people, for the people, and by the people.”

By 2050 they hope to integrate nano and biotechnology and “omics” research into their democratic platform to increase humanity’s health and well-being!

Global collaboration is a driving force of social good exhibited when natural disasters occur and nations of the world come together to help heal hurting communities. Imagine harvesting this power and extending its reach to act proactively, working together to take care of the world’s health. Blockchain technology and crypto-currencies provide a decentralized platform where global medicine is possible.

Similar to other Ethereum powered platforms, Citizen Health has a digital marketplace for the exchange of health and wellness products. You can scroll through a list of global providers and find the right healthcare clinician for you!

P2P Ecosystem:

  • Medit Tokens ~ Approved crypto-currency for use on The Citizen Health’s Marketplace! 
  • Democracy ~ Virtually meet to discuss and vote on global issues aligned with social interests.
  • Gamification ~ Earn more Medit by keeping fit! Track your fitness using products like Misfit or Android!
  • Incentivize ~ Promote well-being by motivating patients to exercise and eat healthily!
  • Health AI ~ Cloud stored and generated Electronic Medical Records.
  • Global Brain ~ Funneling social health information to create a global database exchange, assisting in community healing.

Separate From the Pack

Citizen Health is an open wellness economy; a transparent platform where all healthcare team members, including patients, can meet to discuss and vote on issues. This assists in aligning interests between healthcare providers, scientists, developers and the public! Medit tokens are intrinsically tied to all parts within the healthcare digi-ecosystem, meaning the more Medit’s you acquire, the more influence you have within the democratic design. This platform builds upon the P2P formula, and is partially funded through monthly memberships, sales from Medit Tokens and investments from related institutions.

Promoting global well-being by connecting products, such as Fitbit and Apple, earns more tokens and climbs the proverbial ladder, perhaps ultimately lending users to have a more direct and positive influence on the wellness of others through a democratic platform. Citizen Health also offers crowdfunding campaigns to raise money to help the less fortunate, of which %10 goes towards feeding the world’s hungry!

Super-sizing Data?

An Uber-style healthcare system has great appeal, but some might fear we’re turning doctor visits into a one-touch app or equivalent to a self-serve fill up station. Its undeniable, blockchain technology has multiple functions that will re-shape the future of our economy, but with regards to healthcare: does digital really mean better? Also, which companies are permitted access, and in what other ways are they using the acquired data? Will Citizen Health and each individual business engage in their own smart contracts through Ethereum’s software? Do different rules apply when a patient becomes a more influential member of The Citizen Health’s Ecosystem?

Tele-health has unparalleled benefits in reaching locations with limited resources, though many facets of this technology and its applications are still unfolding.

Citizen Health offers a transparent democratic platform where members can vote, aligning a population’s interests! This has wonderful applications to humanity’s well-being, as it gives power to people’s voices! Over time and not without some trial and error, the platform design will integrate comfortably, and find itself truly representing the people of the world, evolving through Medit’s earned marketplace influence.

Brennan is a blockchain technical adviser in the healthcare sector and blockchain entrepreneur who has worked on developing proprietary concepts for both artificial intelligence and enterprise blockchain. He is a graduate of Rutgers University School of Health Professions where he earned a M.S. in biomedical informatics.