Blockchain & Smart Contracts Conference 2017 – Berlin


The Blockchain & Smart Contracts Conference will be held on February 20th-22nd in Berlin and industry leaders from many individual economic sectors will be descending on the city to discuss the technologies’ impact and future in Germany and beyond.

Blockchain & Smart Contracts Conference 2017 – Berlin

The event sponsors list alone indicates both how diverse and how extensive interest in blockchain technologies is. Despite initial excitement and proliferation in America, adoption of blockchain technologies in the European private and public sectors is expanding at a far greater rate as sponsorships from both Deutsche Bank and the European Central Bank can attest.

The first panel of the conference focuses on the regulatory issues of using blockchain and smart contract technology. Lead by Professor Dr. Nils Urbach of the University of Bayreuth and Fraunhofer FIT, who is an outspoken expert and advocate of blockchain regulatory issues. Klaus Löber, Senior Adviser to the European Central Bank will pick up with a perspective from the public sector, discussing the implications for and future of the regulation of blockchain technologies.

Annika Schröder, the Director of Group Innovation at UBS, will discuss her company’s ever-increasing interest in blockchain technologies. UBS has already opened a Blockchain Innovation Lab in London. Furthermore, UBS has been pursuing applications of the infrastructure for nearly two years. This makes UBS one of the earliest major corporate adopters of the blockchain.

Other panels will deal mainly with the implications of the blockchain and smart contracts in the finance sector. Additionally, they will explore more novel applications like use for voting and elections in Germany. This event promises to be one of the premier conferences concerning blockchain technology in Europe and beyond. The issues discussed about forming the regulatory backbone for blockchain technologies will undoubtedly have relevance for the healthcare industry.

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