Blockchain Expo North America – November 2017 in Santa Clara

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As the world of blockchain technology grows exponentially larger, a series of blockchain conferences has emerged for people to meet and share information. This upcoming fall, the Blockchain Expo of North America will be held in Santa Clara, California. The event will be held from November 29th to 30th at the Santa Clara Convention Center near Silicon Valley. Engineers, businesses and interested individuals from the region and around the continent will come to discuss the emerging technology. One of the hot topics of the convention will be health care uses for block chain. It could be a major opportunity for new companies and organizations to be born.

Blockchain Expo North America will feature over 1,500 attendees

The event will feature over 1,500 attendees and 60 speakers doing 20 different sessions. There is an enormous amount of energy around this event and will have multiple areas of interest. Healthcare is one of the largest areas of interest as it is such a massive opportunity and industry.

For example, the event organized a prime panel called “Blockchain in the healthcare system”. The two main speakers include Diego Espinoza, CEO of Health Coin and John Bass, CEO of Hashed Health.

These two individuals will discuss three main areas. Firstly, they will talk about moving patient data on the block chain. The technology allows new friction free transfer of data that has so far eluded other companies and information technology. This is a huge development for software developers, payment providers, health care providers, doctors and patients. It makes the whole system more seamless which allows doctors to catch symptoms faster or make diagnoses easier.  They also no longer need to fear prescribing medication that conflicts with existing drugs or that the patient is allergic to.

Next, they will discuss data sharing including patient privacy and security. This is perhaps the most important concept because blockchain technology can protect patient data and encrypt information with 100% security. It accords with the HIPAA regulation and also leaves the patient feeling safe about the transfer of their sensitive information. Government regulators have already signaled their positive feelings about this technology for that reason. It seems that the security features of the blockchain will help it gain rapid greater acceptance for this sector in the future.

Finally, the panel will discuss trial visibility along with automated patient consent platforms. That technology will help scientists improve the speed and viability of drug testing. It will reduce costs and ultimately bring drugs to market quicker at lower prices. Scientists will no longer have to use cumbersome distribution models to find patients in need of their drug trials. Rather, they can use 100% secure digital distribution models to link with consumers, achieve their consent and administer the drugs in partnership with a local health care provider. The end goal is that the price of drug development will drop from hundreds of millions of dollars to perhaps tens of millions or even a few million dollars. That would radically upend the current go to market path for a new drug and cause a revolution in the industry. That could lead to many new breakthrough drugs.

While the sponsors and attendees have yet to all be confirmed, the conference promises to have hundreds of individuals interested in the health care market. So more people with interest in this sector will be attending the conference than many free standing blockchain healthcare focused events.

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