Blockchain Product Development for Healthcare

A successful blockchain product development strategy should have an 80% focus on the business model and a 20% focus on the technology. Blockchain Healthcare Review is more than just a publication- we are a group of healthcare technology and blockchain strategists with highly specialized cross-functional skill sets not found in the average blockchain development outfit.

Expertise we bring to the table each and every time:

  • Healthcare business: provider, Pharmacy (PMB + Specialty) & behavioral health
  • Health informatics: administrative, clinical, biomedical & traslational
  • Research & Development: drug design, molecular modeling, genomics (NGS), population health
  • Medical: immunology, psychiatry, dermatology, oncology

We deliver end to end blockchain based HIT product development, design and deployment in addition to long-term maintenance, support and opportunities to partner with new emerging blockchain technologies. Each client retains a dedicated technical project manager as a primary point of contact for past, present and future work


  • Chain of custody A chain of custody refers to documentation or paper trail, in order of time, which…