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event promotionBlockchain technology affects more than just the healthcare industry. It’s a global movement that is reshaping commerce, communications and security at an unprecedented pace. Blockchain Healthcare Review partners with a variety of blockchain public events to attract diverse commentary from all over the world.  Whether you’re an industry veteran or a like minded enthusiast, we can all agree that this technology sparks innovation at every step. We strongly believe in fostering that innovation as a digital media hub offering specific industry expertise. 

Interested in promoting your blockchain event to our highly engaged blockchain audience? Give us a shout- we’d love to hear from you. Please see below for a list of international events we have partnered with.

Blockchain Conference Media Partnerships 

2017 Blockchain Conference Media Partnerships

The Healthcare Blockchain Summit connected medical devices and iot summit

blockchain conference 2017 D.C.Pharma Supply Blockchain Forum

Blockchain and Bitcoin Kiev Bitcoin Stockholmblockchain in healthcare conference Boston










2018 Conference Media Partnerships

Blockchain West