How blockchain-based veterinary telemedicine can help your pet?

Dog Puppy

Sometimes it happens that pet’s behavior is a matter of concern. What’s a pet owner to do? In this article the team at PetLife will tell what situations are urgent and you need to schedule an appointment to veterinarian or you can get use of telemedicine and receive telehealth consultation.

Blockchain-based Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary care providers are looking for a way to cover the growing demand for veterinary care are are merging the communication benefits of telehealth and infrastructure benefits of blockchain fir enhanced interpretation of test results, data storage and electronic prescriptions.


The reasons for pet’s cough may be of different nature. Some of them not that serious and don’t require immediate veterinary visit, others pose a threat for pet’s life. For instance, the cough may appear if a pet choked on something or there is a serious problem in the lungs or the heart. During a telehealth consultation,  a veterinarian can decide whether your pet needs an in-person appointment and further examination.

Poor appetite

Have you noticed that your pet has a poor appetite? Don’t panic! A veterinarian will evaluate the situation via telehealth consultation and  decide whether it’s possible to help your pet at home or you should visit a clinic through online chat. Take pet’s temperature before the call — it will help the veterinarian to make the right decision and provide valuable health data for the pets’ electronic record. If the pet has the signs of dehydration, lack of appetite during a long period of time or stomach ache, the vet will schedule you an appointment for an immediate consultation as they could be symptoms of a larger issue.

Dermal itching

Dermal itching is very common among dogs. Mostly it caused by ectoparasite bites, infection and food hypersensitivity. If a pet has itching a veterinarian via video consultation will be able to identify its cause and issue prescriptions quickly and efficiently simply by observing the video feed. No need to hassle your pet by taking it to the veterinary office in the first place. Chances are, you will be directed to a clinic to take samples of skin for analysis to get the full picture. In other cases a vet will help you to choose antiparasitic treatment. With blockchain technology, clinics, labs and offices can be interconnected and securely share health data for your pet regardless of their internal software they leverage in their day to day operations. 


Vomit is quite common too and it may be caused by many reasons. It is a defense mechanism that aimed to remove all the toxic, poisoning, inedible particles and foreign bodies from the digestive tract. Fortunately, it not necessarily indicates danger. A veterinarian can evaluate pet’s health condition and give you directions on how to treat it at home. If a pet has a stomach ache, constantly vomiting or the vomit contains blood don’t delay your visit to the clinic. 

There exist many more cases that the article describes. So, you should remember if the pet’s behavior causes suspicion, the faster you detect the reason the better. Telemedicine based on blockchain will help to understand that the pet is not in danger and calm down or give a preliminary diagnosis and determine how urgent your visit to a clinic is.

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