Healthcare Information Systems and Blockchain Applications

Blockchain applications are quickly changing the face of health care information systems. Financial systems were the first to take the leap with blockchain applications and largely thanks to their successful models, the healthcare industry is quickly following suit.

HIE and APCD No More

HIE (Health Information Exchanges) and APCD (All Payer Claim Databases) are all but obsolete at this point since blockchain. Blockchain has eliminated the need for a third party verification which of course increases security. Getting rid of the need for third party verification has reduced time, costs and the amount of resources that are needed to ensure one party is doing what they promised to do. Blockchain provides the process that will do away with the slow moving information infrastructure that healthcare industries are so well-known for.

Population Health Records

Blockchain applications are being adopted by government bodies to quickly and easily manage millions of medical records online, Estonia uses the KSI (blockchains keyless signature) to manage 100% of public health records seamlessly, safely online without the high cost of middlemen and resources.

Extending Function

Blockchain is beneficial because it extends functionality and it does so much more like:

  • Seamless record keeping
  • Safe secure environment
  • Allows easy sling shot of information between sources

The old outdated platforms cannot compare to the information sharing, time savings and cost reduction that blockchain can offer for health care information systems.

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