Are Blockchain and AI Technologies the Key to Healthy Skin?

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While it may seem unlikely that the answer to your skincare woes could be a selfie scan on your smartphone, blockchain and AI trailblazer Opu Labs is now making it possible to improve skincare with their revolutionary mobile skincare platform.

Opu was founded to improve how the global skincare industry exchanges data, information, and rewards in a way that benefits patients, dermatologists, treatment centers, brand specialists, and product manufacturers. Within minutes of registering for their app and completing a simple facial scan, Opu’s technology allows consumers to receive a complimentary skin analysis. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

While Opu’s technology is rooted in machine learning technology that analyzes, compares, and recommends skincare treatment solutions, the overall platform relies on blockchain technology to securely store user data, and is comprised of five core services that should disrupt the current market and yield a new skincare ecosystem:

Opu Labs Artificial Intelligence

proprietary AI technology that delivers treatment recommendations following a facial scan. It can identify and measure hyperpigmentation, redness, acne, wrinkles, and skin tone on any given facial image. The AI also includes a prediction engine which forecasts skin quality after treatment, and users can further measure their treatment progress. When users hit their targets, they can even earn Opu Coin rewards (mentioned below). An upcoming version of the technology will soon allow for skin scoring on other parts of the body, as well.

Opu Search

A search platform that provides treatment information from consumer skincare service providers and eCommerce partners. With unique parsing and crawling techniques, Opu’s recommendation engine learns from queries generated by users and analyzes individual user preferences based on their search history and skin condition to recommend relevant products. Product companies (and the dermatologists that recommend them) are already jumping at the opportunity to become part of this search platform.

Opu Coin (OPU) and Opu Blockchain TechnologyOpu CRM: A complete customer management tool designed specifically to meet the needs of skincare patients and professionals. The CRM manages real-time feedback and patient queries, allowing experts to review them, create treatment plans, schedule and even hold consultations. It is also features a blockchain-support medical record system, that ensures the secure exchange of patient data.

To realize their mission to improve global skincare, Opu has built a suite of other blockchain-based technologies and a token-based ecosystem that rewards its users—with the ‘Opu Coin.’ The coin is founded on (Ethereum) ERC223 tokens that will act as the base currency for the world skincare market and Opu loyalty programs. Opu Labs eventually intends to introduce Swarm—a native base layer service of the Ethereum web 3 stack. The primary goal of Swarm is to provide a sufficiently decentralized and redundant store of the Ethereum record; specifically, to store and distribute dapp code and data, as well as the blockchain data

Opu Connect

An opt-in service for product testing that can pool and collect opt-in user data for research and better, customer-centric solutions.

Opu’s opt-in research program also uses blockchain technology to store user data. All actions are stored as a pool of user data, anonymized and shared with Opu’s research partners. This technology also makes use of smart contracts to ensure that the consumer-owned data is only accessed by participating parties. Users have their actions stored as a feed within the storage blockchain when they interact with the platform. No data is stored in the block if the user does not explicitly opt-in to the program.

Collectively, this ecosystem offers an immutable, decentralized and transparent record of all transactions throughout the Opu platform, and enormous potential for plug-and-play opportunities with leading players in the skincare market.

While Blockchain and AI in the skincare industry may not yet be an exact science, Opu has already demonstrated incredible promise in the way they apply the intersection of these technologies, and soon to be released updates to their proprietary algorithms will pinpoint even better treatment solutions and product recommendations. The technology is also great news for the skincare brands themselves, as the skincare data collected by Opu drives new product innovations.

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