Alphacon Network: Blockchain-based Healthcare Platform for 120 year lifespans in the Alpha Age

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Living to 120 years old in good health, the ‘Alpha Age’. Alphacon aims to help boost humanity into the new age through consistent preventive care and monitoring.

The Alphacon Blockchain-based Healthcare Platform

Alphacon Network is a decentralized healthcare marketplace which incentivizes patients to log their wellness data in a “life log.” The information stored in each life log is separated into two parts: Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and non-PII. Alphacon intends to store the larger volume of non-PII off-chain on heavily protected servers.

PII will be stored on the blockchain to optimize security for patients and businesses. The concept of divided information can benefit any involved party in case of a data breach. Alphacon owns intellectual property in the IoT and wellness measurement devices already, including the ‘Selina’ smart scale and smart bands, similar to Fitbit devices.

As of 2012, the total amount of healthcare data generated was 370TB (370,000 GB), according to the Library of Congress. An IBM study, showing contributions to this indicated that nearly 5 million patients are using remote monitoring devices of some sort.

Healthcare niche overview

Alphacon has set out to solve several issues which have plagued the healthcare industry for decades. Before computers, physical record theft and social engineering attacks to retrieve sensitive information like social security numbers were rampant.

The ALP token listed on exchanges in October 2018. An exchange listing represents liquidity, allowing the token to find its way into the ecosystem.

In conjunction with other healthcare companies, Alphacon intends to offer genomic testing to check for markers that may allude to cancer affinity, hair tissue mineral testing, and food allergy analysis through their platform. The primary target for Alphacon seems to be preventive testing and treatment, helping patients remain healthy rather than requiring consistent medical assistance.

How does Alphacon Work?

Alphacon collects information from users through the Alphacon dApp. The information in users’ life logs is then pared into two data streams—PII and non-PII­—which are encrypted post-separation. The information hash, or encryption key is stored on the blockchain, while the non-PII is stored on privatized servers.

Alphacon has stated in their whitepaper that non-PII healthcare information exchange is part of their monetization plan. In order to purchase data, buyers must use the SDK and API. Healthcare information is purchased using smart contracts. One-time password (OTP) verification is required for buyers to access their information.

OTP verification restricts access to healthcare data. This protection is increased by using blockchain tech.

ALP Token Info:

Tokens Issued: 25,000,000,000

Tokens Sold in ICO: 7,500,000,000

ALP tokens can be obtained by completing challenges and maintaining consistency in life log contributions. Other token allocations include team, founder, & advisor lock-ups, marketing funds, legal and contingency pools, and partnership, Alliance, and R&D pools.

Who could best utilize Alphacon?

Platforms like Alphacon provide a central location to store and monitor personal health information. Access to full histories of wellness and nutrition could benefit insurance companies, hospitals, and other professions related to medical recovery, billing, and compensation.

Patients could use Alphacon to keep track of their information, set goals, and strive to live a longer, healthier life.

Insurance companies can benefit by offering discounts for healthier lifestyles, adjusting coverage to suit the lifestyle of the individual or people covered within a given plan, offset cost of insurance, and even suggest other coverage based on lifestyle data and preferences.

Hospitals stand to gain by having an accurate track of what items were ingested through the day, getting information about the patient’s exercise habits, and identifying patterns in patient stress response through the day, potentially identifying the source or locate the onset of a health problem.

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