After the Bell Blockchain Technology Conference Review

Business and Blockchain Technology

The After the Bell panel discussion occurred Tuesday, December 13th at The Washington Mayfair Hotel in London. This series of conferences, discussions, and lectures is sponsored by The Mankoff Company and many other blockchain technology companies.

As blockchain technology moves further from the realm of planning and possibility to actual implementation, businesses are facing new opportunities. Many also face new challenges in developing blockchain technology for individual needs. One of the primary hurdles in developing business-focused blockchain technology is developing plans for specific goals and measurable results. This step is critical to fully demonstrate the utility and value of blockchain to a bottom line. In bringing such an exciting and radical new technology to long-established industries, this panel will advance ideas on how best to promote the integration of blockchain systems and smart contracts. Challenges exist in formidable ways. Many businesses are hesitant to quickly adopt new modes of operating and the few (but growing) members of industry who are aware of blockchain technologies are only aware of the public blockchain networks, like Bitcoin, and not the far more valuable uses of private blockchain networks.

Public sector interest in blockchain technologies continues to grow, as evidence by the representation of the British Government on the panel. Carl Massa, the Senior Technology adviser for the Department for Culture, Media & Sport will be providing views on his experiences with integrating blockchain technologies into government services.

Another topic of discussion will concern security, a top issue for any industry. Calogero Scibetta, member of Operations at the firm Everledger will draw on his company’s experience of managing transaction histories from diverse sources of data with blockchain networks. Everledger’s system has been implemented for managing insurance verification, a key concern for many healthcare professionals.

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