Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

Blockchain Healthcare Review, LLC is a specialized digital media and product development resource focused blockchain innovation in the healthcare information technology (HIT) sector. B2C blockchain-based HIT innovation has exploded in growth since 2016. This forward momentum has sparked a fundamental shift in the degree of freedom the everyday consumer now has to pursue B2C blockchain solutions as legitimate alternatives for personalized healthcare, care taking or even augmenting professional skills to independently earn additional income. Healthcare innovation is the biggest area of interest in the blockchain community, as it has a deeply personal connection to everyone involved, regardless of geo-location.

Blockchain Technology Reviews

The average consumer, much less the average enterprise, can not easily digest the intrinsic value of healthcare related blockchain technology, yet enterprise investment and B2C adoption is growing exponentially across the world year over year. Despite its complicated nature, adoption for the enterprise is primarily driven by individual champions working outside their normal scope of responsibilities. On the consumer side, there has been an incredible swell of driven self education. The combined state of affairs has lead to disparate marketplaces for vetted information distributed by industry professionals. As such, there is a massive market opportunity for experts with cross-functional expertise in the following areas: healthcare related enterprise stakeholder (especially those with experience in more than one line of business), clinical informatics, biomedical engineering and need we forget, blockchain technology innovation. To compound the issue, blockchain technology is rapidly infusing evermore advanced technologies into both enterprise and B2C product development to meet the ever increasing demand for automation, making such cross functional expertise increasing valuable to the industry as a whole. Such technologies include cognitive based artificial intelligence, computer vision and proactive clinical decision support systems.

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Blockchain Healthcare Review, LLC is here to bridge the gap on a global level, and is uniquely qualified to do so. We are a team of highly experienced publicists, blockchain technology innovators, bioinformaticians and entrepreneurs who are deeply involved in the blockchain space as startup founders, healthcare ICO advisors and enterprise consultants.

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