Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

Let’s face it, blockchain technology is not easy to understand. The business, much less the technology of healthcare is not easy to understand. Blockchain technology in healthcare, well, you get the idea. Blockchain Healthcare Review is a publication founded by experienced HIT consultants who have hand on expertise on the emerging technological revolution taking place in the healthcare sector that is blockchain.

Blockchain and Health Data Governance

Blockchain Healthcare Review aims to communicate the technical innovation of blockchain technology and how it is reshaping the future of HIT data governance. We strongly believe in innovative evolution of blockchain technology in that it can protect PHI while at the same time enabling personal health data to streamline clinical operations.

Blockchain Technology Reviews

One can not speak of emerging blockchain technology without looping in current events in the fields of cryptocurrencies, overlay networks, network application development and the overall skyrocketing global interest in this evolutionary shift in technology. We are data junkies who are grounded in data science and take all hype with a grain of digital salt. We will get very technical at times not just to adhere to the engineers of the crowd, but to push those who want to know more to learn more. This is a very complex technology, so we aim to communicate not just business applications but also review the nuts and bolts of the math and science that makes this phenomenon a reality.

Our mission:

Our mission is to deliver a comprehensive reviews of emerging Blockchain innovation in relation to healthcare information technology, health data governance and startups from around the world. We are dedicated to building a community of informed and educated blockchain technology in healthcare enthusiasts.

Our Communities:

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