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  • ComputerMonitor Veterinarian
    The ICO for Petlife supports its blockchain platform, which provides 24/7 veterinary medical assistance through telemedicine and artificial intelligence. By using the App the owner of the pet can ensure essential medical assistance for the [...]

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  • HempOil Hemp
    By 2021 the legal cannabis industry is expected to hit $25 billion. As the medical marijuana industry increases, so too will the need for secure, easy transactions. HempCoin (THC) was designed as a safe, convenient, and decentralized [...]

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  • Tetrahydrocannabinol Cannabinol
    As blockchain continues to disrupt processes across industries, niche coins — with hyper-specific purposes — have been grabbing their own little pieces of the crypto market. This trend of niche-specific ICOs is perfectly reflected in CannabisCoin [...]

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