SemanticMD – Deep Learning platform For Medical Image Analysis

SemanticMD is a solution that is especially useful for those who need medical data solutions without needing a lot of technical skills. There are a variety of ways where this kind of medical technology can be useful. Storage The SemanticMD Cloud Storage service makes...

Are Blockchain and AI Technologies the Key to Healthy Skin?

While it may seem unlikely that the answer to your skincare woes could be a selfie scan on your smartphone, blockchain and AI trailblazer Opu Labs is now making it possible to improve skincare with their revolutionary mobile skincare platform. Opu was founded to...

Intiva Health – Hashgraph based Medical Credentials Platform

Managing credentials is a time-consuming part of healthcare professionals' work. They have to keep track of many disparate sources, and getting documentation can take days or weeks. If they could get all their information from one source, they'd clear paperwork...

AmChart: Improving Portability of Records, Giving Patients Control

Filling out a stack of forms is a time-consuming, but expected, part of the first visit to a doctor's office. For physicians, waiting on patient records is a time-consuming, but expected, part of treating patients. AmChart is aiming to erase those expectations with a...



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