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Digital health adopters leverage our editorial as a trusted resource to connect with free market healthcare delivery applications. Our editorial covers publicly available consumer-centrist applications leveraging blockhcain and A.I. to improve quality of life. Learn more, do more- subscribe to our consumer-centrist editorial.

Innovators accelerate user growth of solutions by engaging consumers and/or organizations in our community who fit their target profile, creating a stronger of network participants. Learn more about leveraging our community for Growth Hacking

Investors leverage our our corporate and venture investor research services to better understand market opportunity, use case validation and market intelligence on promising startups and tokens personalized to their interest and risk tolerance.  Join our free investor network to have top industry insight delivered weekly.

Enterprise and government benefit from expert blockchain solution design  as well as industry education and strategy training design specifically for professional development of analysts to leadership.

Barriers to entry for blockchain adoption in healthcare continue to fall- for everyone.

Services + Capabilities

Sybdicated Research
Expert market research for big picture strategy, brand positioning and future trends analysis.
Solution Design
Blockchain + AI product development leveraging the latest health informatics and blockchain strategy.
Market Intelligence
Market opportunity, market penetration strategy, and market development.
Growth Hacking
Expert multimedia commutations strategy tailored to healthcare brands and blockhcain products.
Investor Research
Evaluate a healthcare ICOs or investment opportunities with deeper clarity on a market opportunity.
Strategy Training
Expert lead professional development covering implementation strategy to meet business needs.

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Blockchain-powered data security: A prescription for renewed trust in healthcare

Blockchain and data security in healthcare One of the major challenges faced in healthcare industry is maintaining the data and information of a patient or any transaction or any operation for the reason of security and privacy. Some of the largest mal-practices in healthcare industry is identity theft, false insurance claims, manipulating data or information,…

Blockchain Healthcare Review & BlockApps: Inaugural Partnership Paves Way for Blockchain Healthcare Solutions

Blockchain Healthcare Review & BlockApps: Inaugural Partnership Paves Way for Blockchain Healthcare Solution

Tech Firm Run by Doctors Turns to the Blockchain for Fighting Healthcare Fraud

Healthcare industry is one of the most vital sectors of all. This is because, it fights for the survival of human race and eliminate any threats or vulnerable disease that may affect humans. But, what about the threats caused by humans to the industry? There are various malpractices that happen in this industry like money…

3rd Global forum “Blockchain Life” comes to Singapore

The global blockchain and cryptocurrency industry meets at Blockchain Life 2019.

EpigenCare, now Skintelli- blockchain-based skincare platform using Next Gen Sequencing

EpigenCare is a blockchain-based personalized skincare platform with its own direct-to-consumer personal epigenomics test called SKINTELLI. The platform combines epigenetic testing with ingredient-based algorithms to screen for brands that are best suited for skincare tailored to your DNA. The idea is part of a coming revolution in medicine commonly known as personalized medicine. The theme behind this…

CannabisCoin: 1:1 Cannabis Cryptocurrency

As blockchain continues to disrupt processes across industries, niche coins — with hyper-specific purposes — have been grabbing their own little pieces of the crypto market. This trend of niche-specific ICOs is perfectly reflected in CannabisCoin (CANN), a blockchain cannabis solution. The CannabisCoin team aims to decentralize marijuana delivery for medical (and legal) marijuana users across…