Thought Leadership Marketing

Healthcare can be emotional, which is why it’s important for potential adopters to personally connect with emerging technology before giving it a go, much less staying engaged long term. By delivering compelling thought leadership to the Blockchain Healthcare Review community, a story can to be told directly to those most likely to engage- blockchain centrist, digital heath adopters. In compassion, having to compete with bitcoin mania for limited exposure at a premium price on general blockchain enthusiast media platform is not a viable long term growth (i.e. adoption) strategy.

Our community is driven by a common passion for digital health adoption using blockchain technology.

How it works

Our digital media team works with stakeholders to craft and deliver compelling content marketing that engages the Blockchain Healthcare Review community respective of the appropriate healthcare niche of the blockchain application or product. In addition to being published onsite, content will be syndicated through social media and partner networks as well as receive premium placements and internal linking from other related content through out the campaign.

Campaigns consist of publishing on a weekly basis over the course of several months. They can be on going or be for a fixed period of time. Thought leadership content is around 1000 words, includes a 30-60 second slideshow teaser video for enhanced social sharing and is syndicated with an authorship bio of a key stakeholder that includes company description, social and web links.

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