We Know Your Audience!

We create, execute and manage marketing and PR strategy for tokens and cryptocurrency in the healthcare sector. Our audience is tailored to early adopters of blockchain technology and its impact on B2C healthcare information technology. Our strategies are comprehensive and designed to be engaging, peak investors interest, and set the stage for sustainable growth post token issuance through educational marketing, social media strategy and industry leading ICO marketing mediums. Our team of campaign strategists is unlike any other. They include seasoned healthcare ICO advisers, bioinformatics consultants and enterprise digital marketers.


Why Are Unique from General ICO Marketing Services

  • We have an established target audience of both digital health adopters and institutional investors eager to participate
  • We have specialized expertise that can communicate your blockhcain-based healthcare application to a wide variety of audiences deeper in the healthcare sector
  • We can the messaging to support the experiences and interests of your target audience related to your healthcare use case. Whether it be skincare, mental health, precision science, genetics or even veterinary, we have the background, network and technical expertise to clear communicate in a way that can be easily understood.

Contact us for:

  • Pre-ICO customized plan of action white list acquisition strategy strategy
  • Live ICO investment campaigns
  • Post ICO ongoing application user adoption and retention
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