It can be hard to tune out the hype if you are working to determine if a blockchain solution or network implementation could provide a positive return on investment for your healthcare business. We can help you navigate what works and what doesn’t according to your immediate business needs and long term goals. We will deliver to you a detailed feasibility study about whether an implementation makes sense, solutions that fit your needs and a technical roadmap for success.

A feasibility study details the viability of an idea or new revenue opportunities. The net result of a feasibility study conducted by Blockchain Healthcare Review is to expose potential problems, deter

mine a executable strategy with detailed mapping of KPIs that provide realistic ways measure return on investment.

Feasibility Study

Components of a Blockchain Technology Feasibility Study

There are several components of our feasibility study:

Strategic Position

We will deliver an analysis of how best to offer your products and/or services recommendations for how they can be best delivered to desired market. These recommendations include behavioral segmentation of target audience and competitive landscape analysis.
If you are considering blockchain technology for internal efficiency improvements, we will provide analysis on strategic advantage gained in addition to competitive landscape analysis.

Market Position

We dive into your targeted healthcare line of business and develop detailed metrics the future market potential based on learnings from the Strategic Position section. This also includes details on innovative  entrepreneurship oriented opportunities that only blockchain technology can bring to the table including potential partnerships and data governance strategy.

Technical Position

We provide a strategic layout of how blockchain technology will be implemented and deployed and which solutions we think best fit your needs. This includes technical key performance indicators that will contribute most to ROI and integration difficulty grades.

Financial Position

We deliver strategy on what amount capital is needed and how to make the most of your budget. Most importantly, we deliver what kind of return can be expected on the investment. For startups, this includes a tailored list of venture capital organizations and/or individuals can be provided that are ideal for your specific business. In some cases, we can help facilitate an introduction.

Organizational Position

Qualified professionals handling the project can make or break a strategic investment. We can provide delivery of ideal professional backgrounds and the skills needed to operate the project, and how they should be positioned. If staff is already in place, suggested training can be provided to enhance compatibilities.

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