Brennan Bennett – Chief Strategy Officer
Brennan is a technical consultant, co-inventor and Sr. Advisor to blockchain based healthcare A.I. startups EpigenCare and OPU Labs. He received his M.S. in Biomedical Informatics from Rutgers University. Brennan is a blockchain thought leader in the healthcare space and regularly consults on related initiatives with the IEEE and Government Blockchain Association. Previously, Brennan served as a Strategy Consult for Humana Pharmacy where he also worked on Humana’s enterprise blockchain strategy team.
Khrishna Doddi – Sr. Technical Architect
Krishna has over 15 years’ experience in software development and architecture and was the chief architect for the American Express web site. Krishna is a partner in TechMileage Software Solutions, prior to joining TechMileage, he was a Data Scientist with Intel Corporation. Before joining Intel, Krishna was the Lead Technical Architect of American Express. Before becoming Lead Technical Architect with American Express, Krishna had senior development and software engineering positions with TSYS Acquiring and TCS. Krishna has a M.S. in Computer Applications from Andhra University, India.
David Johnson – Advisor
David Johnson is a strategic business thinker. He was an early employee and key asset to the growth of adtech startup, SpotX, which was acquired by RTL Group in 2017 for $404MM. He started in the Denver HQ and then held positions in both the NYC office and the European hub in London. He currently leads the business development efforts for software startup, ICX Media, where he helped secure roughly $10MM in funding and has opened up their NYC operations. As the first business hire, he has performed multiple roles including strategic partnerships, sales, marketing, and providing product guidance.
Andrew Bart – Chief Growth Officer
Andrew Bart is an early and growth stage venture capital investor, advisor, and CSuite executive. His passion for the acceleration process drive Andrew to serve as a Chief Growth Officer and foster growth on a granular level. In addition to his venture development activities in Silicon Valley, Andrew is an active contributor on the capital finance front for startup companies in secondary and tertiary startup markets including Phoenix, San Diego, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and Baltimore.
Jeffrey Freedman – Chief Digital Officer 
Jeffrey Freedman serves as the intersection point between product development, product design, and product marketing as Chief Digital Officer (CDO). He is the management liaison and the various software engineering and UX/UI resources.  Jeffrey spent several years with the credit division of PayPal, leading its marketing and branding strategy. While there, he worked with numerous teams to facilitate the changes being made to the product based on internal and external feedback loops.
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