Digital Media Licensing

Digital Media Licensing

The experts at Blockchain Healthcare Review are prior healthcare industry consultants from various business divisions. Most have direct experience with enterprise blockchain solution design and implementation strategy. All have years of experience navigating blockchain innovation in the healthcare market as ICO advisers, entrepreneurs, inventors and analysts.

How can your organization benefit from leveraging our expert content?

Many healthcare centrist organisations find themselves stuck in a deluge of crypto hype, blockchain tech naysayers, overzealous enthusiasts and academics preaching technical jargon. Organizations looking to invest in or at least have a better understanding of how to leverage blockchain technology struggle with capability to scale large teams experienced blockchain strategists and product owners. To compound the issue, scaling a blockchain implementation team that is also well versed in healthcare delivery, much less in one or more line of business, isn’t an easy task- we know, we’ve been there. Our staff of industry experts fit exactly into this cross section of healthcare delivery and blockchain strategy.

Product and strategy teams aren’t the only ones who benefit. Leadership and key decision makers don’t have time for white papers or get anything out of the fire hose of content coming from blockchain enthusiast media channels because it isn’t applicable to their direct needs. We provide straight forward facts, expert analysis and ROI guidance for leadership to make the type of informed decisions required of their role.

Blockchain Healthcare Review is the the only blockchain focused editorial in healthcare staffed by those that have been on both sides of the table- procurement and enterprise product innovation and can speak from experience about everything in between.

Who benefits from enterprise content syndication:

Stakeholder Audience Content
Marketing/Sales Prospects Thought leadership, product videos
Product/Partner Groups Partners White papers, product videos
Venture/Strategy Groups Ladership Thought leadership, product videos
Leadership Key decision makers Thought leadership, ROI strategy

What can be syndicated:

  • Use case development education
  • Videos, podcasts
  • Thought leadership articles
  • Product reviews
  • Market insights

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