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You may be asking yourself what exactly is blockchain technology- you're not alone. At Blockchain Healthcare Review it is our intention to provide communication concerning the technical innovation of an emerging technology otherwise known as blockchain. We are a publication that has been founded by expert healthcare information technology (HIT) consultants who have been involved in the emerging technological revolution of blockchain as it pertains to the healthcare sector. We can provide you with blockchain news where healthcare trends, healthcare technology, and blockchain technology are related. Essentially we will provide you with all of the information you need to know about blockchain in healthcare.

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Our aim is to thoroughly communicate the technical innovation for blockchain technology. It has been reshaping the future where HIT data governance is involved. Blockchain technology is already showing strong signs of being able to protect PHI while also enabling personal health data to merge with clinical operations. Current events in the following fields are positively affected by blockchain technology overlay networks, cryptocurrencies, and network application development. During this evolutionary shift in technology we are dedicated to providing information that can be very technical as well as in relation to business applications. We will provide you with the math and science as well for this phenomenon.

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Blockchain Innovation

Hashed Health, a Blockchain Healthcare Consortium

March 6, 2017 Brennan B. 0

Hashed Health, a startup organization based in Nashville, has received $1.8 million to promote and develop blockchain-based healthcare technology. The sources are Martin Ventures and Fenbushi Capital. Formed in 2016, Hashed Health describes itself as […]

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Blockchain Summits

Healthcare Blockchain Summit in DC

February 27, 2017 Brennan B. 0

Blockchain technology in healthcare is in its early stages. Many startups are promoting their ideas. Many products are competing for attention. Should health organizations move now or wait? Which standards will last, and which are […]

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